These 4 Websites Will Offer You Best Value For Your Used Gadgets!

You want to sell your Used Gadgets? Generally, people directly head to Quikr and OLX. But there are better websites that can offer you good value for your Used gadgets


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Buying a smartphone or laptop online is easy. But buying a new one in exchange of the old one, is pretty damn difficult. Not in terms of convenience, but the PRICE!

If want to buy a mobile online in exchange of your old device, you may get the new one at a good price, but they will offer very low buyback price for your old handset. On the other hand, if you want to buy offline, the retail stores may offer a price better for your old handset than the online portals, but the newer one will cost you more.

Buying Online – Good Price for New Handset, but Low Buyback.

Buying Offline – Good Buyback Price, but Higher Price for New Handset.

Now you can sell your smartphone or laptop offline, and then order your device online. For this, you need to visit a number of retailers to find out who offers the best price for your old handset. So before your start your Treasure Hunt Expedition, we got a solution.

Like you buy your gadgets online, there are websites which buy old handsets. Not OLX or Quikr, but a readymade buyer for all of your old gadgets. All you need to do is, mention all the details, book a pick up, and they will visit you, check your device and pay you on the spot.


Best Websites in India to Sell Your Used Gadgets

There are online portals in India who buy your old laptops, smartphones, desktops, television sets, gaming consoles, tablets and many other things. They have product categories, from which you need to select your brand and model, fill in the required details like age and condition of the device and they will give you an estimate price. If you are interested, just fix a pick up, and you’re done.

1. SahiValue

They provide buying and selling service for used gadgets from the ease of your house. Plus, they also sale certified and low priced items.

2. Cashify

With a wide range of availability, Cashify offers one of the best resale value online. Basically they buy the old products, refurbish the gadgets and sell back to operators, retailers and manufacturers.

3. We Buy

This UK based website started operating in India few years back. Being one of the oldest in this business, they specialized in Exchange since 1992.

4. Budli

They offer services to buy and sell used gadgets online, from the comfort of your home. They are exclusive partnership with Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm and many.

The Procedure – How to Sell Your Used Device?

The process to sell the device is similar on all these websites. Just visit the website, select what you want to sell, or directly enter the gadget details like iPhone 5S or MacBook Air or iPad Mini. Once done, you will get to see the approximate amount that you can get for your device. If you are happy with the price, proceed further and enter the details, then your location (city). You can also sell accessories that you have with your device (in case of phone, accessories like charger, earphone, box and valid bill) and the select the age and condition of the gadget.

Once you agree with the price offer by these portals, you can choose the time for pickup of gadget. The company person will visit your premises, check the handset and pay you on the spot.

Give these websites a try and let us know what has been your experience!

  1. ankit says

    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge, I know most of these platforms,i sold my old mobile on It’s completely free, safe, everything is fun and intuitive.

  2. Gautam Kumar says is best Site For Old Mobile

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    Nice Post and Check List

  4. Akhilesh Yadav says

    Can we trust on these websites like old and quikr as they are old in industry.

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