Amazon Beats Flipkart To Become India’s Most Influential Ecommerce Brand; Patanjali, Jio Make Surprise Entry Into Top 10

Amazon is India's most influential ecommerce brand
Amazon is India’s most influential e-commerce brand

World’s leading market research firm Ipsos has released their latest ranking of India’s most influential brands, and there are some major surprises here.

Home grown Ayurvedic and FMCG company Patanjali, along with Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio have made a grand entry into the top 10 list of this ranking.

Meanwhile, SBI has emerged as the most influential banking brand in India.

But the biggest shocker: Amazon has beaten Flipkart to become India’s most influential ECommerce company.

India’s Most Influential Brands: Google Is #1

World’s largest search engine and most powerful Internet company, Google, has emerged as the most influential brand in India as well.

The study to determine India’s most influential brands was conducted by Ipsos by conducting 36,000+ interviews of 1000 Indians, who were using 100+ brands.

Makers of Windows OS, Microsoft is featured as the second more influential brand in India, followed by Facebook, which has been ranked #3.

Hence, top three most influential brands in India are from the USA.

Patanjali, Jio Make Entry Into Top 10

If we analyse the brands after top 3, then we will find a substantial presence of Indian brands, and this change is led by Patanjali, which has been ranked as #4 most influential brand.

In fact, this is Patanjali’s debut in this high profile ranking. Last year, it was not present in the top 10 list.

Reliance Jio, which has disrupted Indian telecom sector with their cheap and free data plans, has also made a stunning entry into the top 10 list, as they have been positioned #9.

Biggest E-commerce, Banking and Telecom Brands

As if confirming the meteoric rise of Amazon, the ranking has placed them at #6, whereas Flipkart has been ranked #10.

The irony is that Amazon has climbed 2 spots, while Flipkart has lost 3 positions.

State-run State Bank of India is the only banking brand in the top 10, as they have been ranked #5 in the overall list.

In telecom, Airtel is placed comfortably at #8, just one spot above Jio to become the most influential telecom brand in India. But with Jio catching up fast, it is only matter of time before Jio overtakes Airtel.

Ironically, Samsung is the only smartphone brand to get featured in the top 10 list, as they have been placed at #8.

Here is the top 10, most influential brands of India:

  1. Google
  2. MS
  3. FB
  4. Patanjali
  5. SBI
  6. Amazon
  7. Samsung
  8. Airtel
  9. Reliance Jio
  10. Flipkart

Between 11th and 20th positions, there are companies like Snapdeal, Apple, Dettol, Cadbury, SONY, HDFC Bank, Maruti Suzuki, Good day and Amul.

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