Taking Ola or Uber? 11 Precautions You MUST Take!


Ola Uber Ride

Ola, Uber knows it. Now, we know it too.

The responsibility of our rides with Ola or Uber solely lies with us. Ola and Uber will not take responsibilities and we have accepted these clauses during the registration process.

Don’t get scared. You can still use Ola and Uber unless you have any better alternatives.

I have seen complaints about fares, safety, overcharging etc. I have listed down certain steps which may help you to counter the issues.

Ride Booking

1. Probably, you will be shown a surged upfront fare. Try changing the exact location and use your locality. If you are lucky enough, you may see a drop upto Rs.50 on the upfront fare.

2. Check the driver’s rating. If its below 4 stars, it’s better to cancel the ride

3. Once the ride is booked, inform the driver about the pick-up and drop location. If the driver is not comfortable, cancel the ride immediately. It will save you from wasting time and cancellation fees. Don’t make repeated cancellations (not more than 4 times), your app may get blocked for 12-18 hours.


4. Once you start the ride, remember to take a screenshot of the fare. Remember that’s the only piece of record you can have with you. Once the ride ends, you will not be able to find any details of the ride.

5. Share the cab details with your trusted people. If you are travelling late night, irrespective of whether you are male or female, always speak to someone throughout the ride and also, keep a check on the route

6. Don’t ask the driver to deviate from the GPS route. If you are doing that, you are giving enough reasons to Ola and Uber to charge you on top of the upfront price.

7. Also, keep an eye on your app if the driver is deviating from the route and ask him not to deviate.

End of trip

8. Once you are there at the drop location, ensure the driver ends the trip before leaving the car. If you are paying in cash, there is no issue. But, in case you are paying online, the drivers tend to end the trip after 10 minutes or so. This can be a tech problem as well

9. Don’t forget to rate your drivers. If you have any terrible experience, this may not compensate. But, it will drop the driver’s rating and he will be having trouble getting genuine people as his customers (he may end up getting people with similar rating as his customer).

10. Compare the paid amount wit the upfront price (you already have a screenshot). If there is any discrepancy, immediately raise the issue through an in-app helpline, and social media. The screenshot will come to your rescue.

11. Don’t get into any argument through emails with customer care. Remember bots have no shame or sense. Always, ask them to cross-check with the driver before responding to your emails.

The above suggestions may not ensure a 100% safe ride, but will help you to take possible pre-caution to certain obvious issues.

Let me know if this helps and share the suggestions among your peers, relatives, colleagues and social network.

Stay safe, ride safe!

About the Author: There is always something fishy in the Terms and Conditions document. With all the patience, Rahul loves to read these mysteries. He believes that the truth needs to unfold, hidden in these documents. He earns his living as a communication professional and lives his passion by writing on business mysteries. Follow him on Twitter and network with him on Linkedin

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