Relax! Your PAN Card Will Not Be Blocked If It’s Not Aadhaar Linked By July 1st (And Other FAQs)


Aadhaar and Pan Card

After Govt. of India mandated that every PAN Card issued to any Indian citizen needs to be connected with their respective Aadhaar card before July 1st, there has been growing concern regarding this one question: What happens if this is not done?

Since last few days, rumours were floating around social media that PAN Card would be blocked, and would be made invalid if Aadhaar Card linkage doesn’t happen before July 1st.

We are here to dispel all rumours, and present before you facts.


Question: What if my PAN Card and Aadhaar Are Not Linked Before July 1st

Relax! If you are not able to link you PAN Card with Aadhaar before July 1st, you PAN Card won’t be blocked.

There were two updates, which were confused when people started assuming that unlinked PAN Cards would be blocked.

Yes, Govt. has made it mandatory to link all PAN Cards with Aadhaar, and had given the date as July 1st. But here is the catch: The linking will become mandatory effective July 1st, not before that.

Hence, any new PAN Card issued will be required by law to quote their Aadhaar number.

Before July 1st, citizens can link their Aadhaar with PAN, but after July 1st, it will become mandatory.

Besides, Govt. has recently informed that a deadline would be soon announced, before which every PAN Card needs to be linked with Aadhaar, mandatorily. Hence, the date after which unlinked PAN Cards will be blocked will be announced after July 1st.

But, it is recommended that if you have PAN Card and Aadhaar Card, then it is better to link it right now.

Question 2: What if I don’t have an Aadhaar card, but have a PAN Card?

In that case, you cannot link them, hence, there is no question of your PAN Card getting blocked. As soon as your Aadhaar is generated, it is advisable to link them asap.

Question 3: My annual income is below the tax threshold. Should I link my PAN with Aadhaar?

Yes. As per as per Section 139AA of the IT Act, you are required to link you PAN Card with Aadhaar, effective July 1st. But as shared earlier, if you are not able to link it before July 1st, your PAN won’t be blocked. The deadline for blocking unlinked PAN cards will be announced later.

Question 4: How To Link My PAN Card With Aadhaar?

Simply visit this link: , which is a special portal created by Income Tax Dept. for linking Aadhaar with PAN Card.

However, due to the rumours about PAN getting blocked, millions of users are right now hitting this mini-portal, which has crashed the system (at the time of writing).

We hope that this post with FAQs will help to clear some doubts.

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