WhatsApp New Feature: Soon, Share Any File Type Through Chats!



The largest chat messenger WhatsApp brought a few interesting features to its platform – pin chats to the homepage and photo filters. Indian rival Hike Messenger is trying hard to match WhatsApp by bringing UPI payments on its platform first.

However, at this time it seems like WhatsApp is focussed on improving the experience of users on its platform. With over 1.2 billion users globally, the company has released a few nifty features that will make your chats look neater.

Available for iOS and Android and gradually rolling out to the users globally, WhatsApp has added the functionality to send a file of any extension on its platform. Initially, only PDF files were allowed to be shared(other than contact files) along with .docx and .xlsx on both the operating platforms

Now, the company will be adding functionality to integrate .jpg, .apk and .zip files on its platform. This way you can practically send the file of almost any extension to your friends and family. The .jpg file extension will not compress the image and it will be helpful to those who do not like the compression on WhatsApp.

The file sharing size has been limited to 128MB on iOS and 100MB on Android. The company is still working on other file sharing features but this one is almost ready for official roll out.

Aesthetic changes to WhatsApp chats

Along with more file sharing options, WhatsApp has also rolled out the ability to group photos in only single collage-like file. When you share more than one photo on WhatsApp, it immediately clubs it into one album-like file.

This way you do not have photos and photos and videos in between the chats, and it doesn’t hamper your experience. Instead, it quietly creates a small album in between your chats so you can access it like you access photo albums on your phone.

Just click on the album created and swipe up and down through the photos. It is an extremely nifty feature for those that share a lot of media and photos. You won’t get lost in the chats any longer as the app will group all consequently photos into one album.

Another minor change WhatsApp has brought is the new calling screen. Now, instead of the whole display photo, you will see green strips above and below the photo. Also now everything has been changed to swipe up – so swipe up to cancel, pick or message your contact’s call.

It just looks cleaner and more polished now, instead of haphazard. The company, however, is more focused on getting the recall text feature on its platform because that is going to change the game for WhatsApp.

Source: AP

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