Australia Introduces Faster Online Visa For Indians; France Launches Tech Visa For Attracting Startups


Australian Visa

A few days back, we had reported how immigrants are helping to remove poverty from the world, by sending money back home and aiding their home country’s economy.

UN has already admitted that money sent by immigrants has several long-term benefits, concerning the national economies.

Now, supporting immigrants and their travels, Australia has made online visa facility for Indians, which will significantly reduce visa approvals for Indians.

At the same time, France has announced a new, ‘Tech Visa’ which has been devised to help tech entrepreneurs and skilled tech professionals to enter their country.

Despite terrorism threats and attacks, the World is indeed opening up for all.

Australia: Fast Online Visa For Indians

Australia’s Immigration and Border Protection Ministry has now allowed Indians to apply for the online visa, and thus, reduce significant time in visa approval process.

Right now, it takes up to 20 days to issue a visa for an Indian visiting Australia, which will now come down to less than a day.

The Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Alex Hawke said, “Online lodgement for visitor visa applications is a significant enhancement that will benefit Indian applicants seeking to visit Australia as tourists or business visitors, or those wanting to reconnect with family and friends.”

Note here, that as of now, Indians can apply the following visas online: Sponsored Family Visitor, Student, Temporary Work, Training, Temporary Activity, Partner, Prospective Marriage, Resident Return and Maritime Crew visa.

Now, visitor visa would be added to the list.

A few days back, Australia had abolished more than 400 work visas, which was seen as an anti-immigrant step by the Australian Govt. But this recent step to launch online visa has brought in some cheers from the NRI community, living in Australia.

France’s Tech Visa Will Help Entrepreneurs?

Meanwhile, newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron has decided to unleash creativity, entrepreneurship and employment in his country, by triggering the startup wave.

In a first for France and most of the European countries, France has introduced a new visa called ‘Tech Visa’, aimed at attracting tech entrepreneurs, and IT professionals into their country.

Macron said, “We want the pioneers, the innovators, the entrepreneurs of the whole world to come to France and work with us on green technologies, food technologies, artificial intelligence, on all the possible innovation.”

While chatting with a robot during Tech show Vivatech in Paris, he said that France wants to be known as a startup nation, and invited tech entrepreneurs from all over the world to visit France, and launch startups.

As per startup observers, France is struggling to create jobs as of now, and a boost for entrepreneurship will help the local economy to survive and to create value. Right now, high taxation and difficulty in acquiring funding is a major challenge for startup ecosystem in France.

In February this year, European Union had already opened doors for Indian techies.

We will keep you updated.

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