130 Character Limit Posts Come to Facebook; Is It Copied From Twitter? Here Are 3 Features Stolen By Facebook


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A new trend of stealing has emerged recently within the small world of social media apps.

And the latest development in this regard is Facebook’s latest feature: 130 character posts.

Any casual user of social media would instantly detect that this 130-character post feature has been clearly stolen by Facebook from Twitter. Instead of Twitter’s 140 character Tweets, Facebook has decided to opt for 130 character, which is actually even less space to express your thoughts and opinions.

First reported by TheNextWeb, this feature hasn’t been launched for Indian users yet.


How To Send 130 Character Facebook Posts?

As per the initial observations, when you create a new post and tap any of the coloured circles which are being shown to US users, a new pop-up will appear, which will have coloured background and a limit of 130 characters.


There have been no official statements from either Facebook or Twitter regarding this new feature.

We wonder why Facebook didn’t opt for exactly 140 characters? Will that be too blatant?

3 Features Which Facebook Stole!

Facebook Camera Effects = Snapchat Filter

In March this year, Facebook launched Camera Effects, which seems a direct copy of Snapchat Filter.

Here is the comparison:

However, to be fair with Facebook, their Camera Effects have some long-term plans, as it will gradually connect with their augmented reality program for videos and pictures.


Facebook Camera Effects


Facebook Direct = Snapchat Snaps

With Facebook Direct, users can directly send pictures and videos to their friends. Incidentally, the same was the case with Snapchat Snaps as well.





Facebook Stories = Snapchat Stories

In March this year, Facebook launched Messenger Day, which is a direct copy of Snapchat Stories. In this, users can share few images and videos to the Daily Story section, which can be shared with the friends and followers of that users.

Here is the comparison:





It seems that innovation is slowly dying a slow death within the social media niche. Either bigger apps are acquiring the smaller apps, or the apps are copying features from one another, to stay relevant.

Can social media survive with such copying and stealing?

Do let us know by commenting right here!

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