Vertu Shocks Us Again – Launches Rs 2.3 Cr Worth Vertu Signature Cobra Feature Phone!


VErtu Signature Cobra Header

Vertu, the British manufacturer of luxury, hand-made phones has again shocked us with their launch.

Christened as Vertu Signature Cobra, this is Vertu’s newest launched mobile phones, which costs Rs 2.3 crore or roughly $360,000 a piece.

If you are wondering why should buy it, let us inform you that this is a feature phone, and has limited features pertaining to apps and the Internet.

But, what is the big deal if it is a feature phone? It has got exotic stones which will bedazzle the spectator, and force him to hide his own smartphone.

Vertu Signature Cobra: The Exotic Phone

The primary and main highlight of this super-expensive phone is the beautiful snake wrapped around its frame as if protecting it.

The snake has around 439 rubies and the Snake’s eye is made of emeralds, which costs around Rs 2-3 lakh per Karat, of the highest quality.

There are around 388 components of this phone, which have been assembled by hand in the UK. And Vertu has made only 8 units of this phone.

As of now, Vertu’s Signature Cobra is listed only on, which is China’s one of the largest e-commerce portal. The listing price of this phone on is ?2474000, which translates to Rs 2.3 crore ($360,000)

As per the listing information, customers can pay only $145 to book this luxurious phone, and once confirmed, the phone shall be delivered via helicopter when the full payment has been made.

Last year, we had reported another outrageously expensive Vertu phone, which was priced at Rs 2 lakh a piece.


The Logic Behind Vertu’s Cobra Phone Costing Rs 2.3 Crore

Vertu’s phones, in the past, have been described as ‘tasteless trash’ by leading magazines, and have been criticised for creating something which has no importance, but very high cost.

As if, the makers of Vertu (whom Nokia acquired in between, and then sold) are trying to create a status symbol, out of mobile phones.

However, in the case of Cobra based feature phone, the keyword here is the snake, which is regarded as a very important mythological figure for Chinese. And most probably this is the reason it has been listed only in China as of now.

Maybe Vertu understood that there is a market for rich, rubies embedded feature phone with an emerald snake’s eye in China, and that is why they created it in the first place.

But for others, this holds much less significance.

Why do you think Vertu launched such expensive mobile phone? Do let us know by commenting right here.

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