Splitwise Adds Support For Paytm Money Transfer in India!


Paytm Splitwise

Splitwise is world’s largest expense and bill splitting app and now the company has added the ability to pay the other people through Paytm. Splitwise is not very famous in India but has recently started seeing growth considering sharing options available.

This option has been highly requested by people because of the simple payment method. Cash payments are not so easy to track, and you can disburse the exact amount through the integrated Paytm wallet.

This feature has been added only to Android smartphones right now, and iOS devices will receive the update in the near future. Paytm is still working on the ability to make payments on iOS and other platforms.

How to pay through Paytm?

To access the integration, open a group or friendship where you owe money, tap “Settle Up”, then tap Pay with Paytm. “Pay with Paytm” appears if you owe an Indian Rupee balance and have the Paytm app installed.

Join Splitwise

After you tap “Pay with Paytm”, Splitwise will prompt you to confirm the recipient’s phone number and the payment amount. Hitting “Next” will launch the Paytm app to complete the transaction.

You only have to confirm a phone number once for a given friend, and can use your phone contacts if you’ve given Splitwise permission to access them. To edit a friend’s Paytm phone number in the future, tap on the phone number on the confirmation screen.

Once the payment is complete, you’ll be pushed back into the Splitwise app. Your Paytm payment will automatically be added to Splitwise and your balance will be updated. You might also choose to settle up the whole balance or send any amount of money you desire to.

A few things to note about using the Splitwise Paytm integration –

  • You need to have the Paytm app installed on your phone. If you do not have the Paytm app, you won’t see “Pay with Paytm” when you tap “Settle Up”.
  • You can only settle an Indian Rupee balance (INR). If you go to settle a non-INR balance, you won’t see “Pay with Paytm”.
  • Only Android users using Splitwise 4.1.9 and above will be able to send Paytm payments using this integration for now.

Users on iPhone and the web will be able to receive and view Paytm payments, but not send them. Integration with iPhone and other platforms will be made soon, so keep looking out for the update in the App Store.

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