Xiaomi to Open its First Mi Home Store in India on May 20 in Bengaluru; Will Host Entire Range of Xiaomi’s Products


MI STore final image

Apple has been planning to open its own experience store in India for some time now, but it looks like Xiaomi has done it first. A massive offline push from Xiaomi has resulted in the company opening its first Mi Home store in our country.

Xiaomi’s Mi Home store will be the company’s first such retail store in India to have its entire range of products on display for customers. Xiaomi had started as an online-only brand with flash sales a few years back.

The company has similar stores in other countries, which makes Bengaluru the first city in India to get it. The Mi Home store will be open to the public from 20th May onwards, with its complete range of smartphones, tablets, electronics and mobile phone accessories etc.

Manu Jain, Managing Director at Xiaomi India said, “We are extremely excited to announce the first ever Mi Home in India, marking yet another important milestone in Xiaomi’s India journey. We are using the lessons learnt from operating a very successful and lean online channel to offline retail via our Mi Home stores. Mi Home stores are built on our Internet+ new retail concept, and will have efficiencies similar to the online channel.”

The company also has plans to open up more such stores in the future, but Bengaluru has been chosen for this launch because of it being the hub of the tech industry in India. This retail store will be similar to those like Croma, The Mobile Store and Reliance Digital, except they will have just Xiaomi products.
“We will provide a phenomenal user experience, where Mi Fans will be able to browse and experience our products first-hand at their leisure, before making a purchase. Setting up offline stores will also help to make our products more readily available for buyers across the country,” he further added.

Apple has been planning to launch its own store in India, and then slowly scale up operations as well. Considering Apple’s fandom in India, it makes sense for the company to continue the hype. However, Xiaomi is also one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in India and this offline retail is definitely going to add to the company’s achievements.

Customers will now be able to use and test the product before actually purchasing it, which is the biggest downside of online retail. Let’s wait for the company to officially unveil the store so that we can see how Xiaomi has integrated digital interaction with the physical one.

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  1. Manoj Joshi says

    very poor situation is that , Indian engineers go abroad to prepare logic and pattern of these chips/ VLSI to manufacture these phones , which are being exported from there to us .
    this drains money by brain drain as there is no infrastructure generated by govt and entrepreneurs in this are in spite of having intelligent resources .

    thus we waste the good talented engineers in form of brain drain to damage the economy and foreign to make our enemy stronger and nation more poor .
    we waist pure water in ocean in form of flood to damage to make poor more poor .

    how many average Indian buy a smart phone and others chips related product of foreign every yrs and drain the foreign exchange ?

    Is it not to late to start manufacturing of chips and VLSI in india?

    irrespective of constrains, Very sad to write and makes me feel hurt but true

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