Apple’s Patent Reveals WiFi Based Wireless Charging Mechanism; Will iPhone 8 Have It?


Wireless Charging

Apple is now bitten by the wireless charging bug, something which Google introduced in their flagship Nexus smartphone, years ago.

As per recent scoop into the patents filed by Apple in US, it has been found that they have filed a patent for “Wireless Charging and Communications Systems With Dual-Frequency Patch Antennas”, which translates into Wifi based charging system.

The patent lists these as the inventors: Basim H. Noori, Khan M. Salam, Liang Han, Matthew A. Mow, Mattia Pascolini, Ruben Caballero, Thomas E. Biedka, Yi Jiang and Yuehui Ouyang as its inventors.

And some leaks coming in last week have revealed a special charging pad on the rear case of iPhone 8, which would be launched 6-7 months from now. If we connect this two news, then it becomes clear that iPhone 8, in all probability, may include a Wireless charging mechanism, supported by WiFi protocol.

An interesting proposition for Apple fans, who will now find another reason to choose their product.

WiFi-based Wireless Charging – How Will It Work?

Apple has filed secret patents at the US Patent & Trademark Office, which has been accessed and analysed by

As per the preliminary findings, Apple is working and experimenting with a technology, which will enable the medium to long range charging technology, using which Apple users can charge their devices using nothing but a WiFi router.

Apple Charging

In layman terms, the technology which allows gadgets to access frequencies for data communications using WiFi can be now used to transfer power as well.

As per the patent filed, any wireless communication device working in the bandwidth of 700 MHz and 2700 MHz, and communicating with a Wi-Fi operating at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, can now be able to transfer power to charge the device.

The patent doesn’t go deep into the exact working of the wireless charging system but does claim the right over the theory of the same.

Just like any other wireless based charging system, Apple’s concept too requires two devices: a transmitter and a receiver. Every device consists of two antennas, which are capable of making phase and magnitude adjustments, in order to complete wireless charging.

Apple’s Innovations In Wireless Charging Technology

Currently, the biggest challenge of existing wireless charging platforms is the problem of range and direction. Devices need to positioned in one specific direction in order to charge wirelessly, and it should be positioned near to the transmitter; which basically defies the very purpose of such a luxury.

As per the patent filed by Apple, they are introducing several innovations in this current system, which will make it easier, and more user-friendly to charge wirelessly.

Some of these innovations are:

  • Dual Model circuitry
  • Dual polarization
  • Dual frequency patch antennas
  • Consistency with beam forming layouts
  • Customised wireless circuitry configurations
  • Customised substitute antenna arrays (for increasing the range)

Interestingly, Korean researchers have already developed a mechanism, which allows wireless charging in all directions, something which has been devised for the first time ever. This new innovation will allow 30 devices to be charged simultaneously.

But, is the very idea of wireless charging even beneficial for mobile users, or it just another marketing gimmick and a fad, which will gradually fade off?

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  1. Beth Kolakowski says

    The AirFuel Alliance provides “spatial freedom” in wireless charging, too (aka it does not have to be on the charging device).

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