Pulse Candy Beats MNCs & Foreign Brands; Clocks Rs 300 Cr Sales In 2 Years By Selling 2800 Units Per Second!


Pulse Candy Becomes a Sensation; Beats Coke Zero Record in Sales

Home grown candy brand Pulse, which introduced ancient Indian tastes in a new format, has broken all expectations and predictions related to FMCG sector. Within 2 years of its launch, Pulse candy has clocked sales of Rs 300 crore, which means that they sold around 2800 units per second in this period.

Each unit of Pulse costs Re 1, which is actually higher priced than most of the other hard-boiled candies available in the market.

Existing FMCG biggies, which also includes players from abroad, are stunned with this gravity defying accomplishment of this tiny Pulse.

And FMCG analysts are wondering what clicked with Pulse, which is being manufactured by a brand better known for selling pan-masala and bottled water.

Pulse’s Sensational Performance Continues

Pulse candy made headlines last year, in the month of April, when they reported sales of Rs 100 crore in 8 months. Initially launched in Gujarat and Rajasthan, and then gradually, silently expanded all over the country, the incredible success of Pulse was mainly highlighted because they never spent a single dollar on marketing and advertisement (till April, 2016).

Hence, Pulse became the glowing example of words by mouth popularity, as DS Group, makers of Pulse, used their existing distribution channels to push more sales.

In between, they also launched several new varieties of their original recipe, and as a result, they have comfortably beaten established players of this niche.

Pulse Beats Coke, Oreo, Mars, Parle and More

Compared to Pulse, decade old brands having deep pockets and established names, have performed dismally.

Coke Zero, launched in 2014, clocked sales of only Rs 120 crore within this period, while Oreo registered sales of Rs 283 crore and Mars clocked sales of Rs 270 crore (both were launched in 2011).

Parle’s popular candy Mango Bite and Perfetti Van Melle’s Alpenliebe too couldn’t compete with Pulse’ aggressive growth, and lagged behind in sales. In fact, Perfetti Van Melle is an Italian brand, and is considered as one of the top companies in this niche.

Explaining the success of Pulse, DS Group senior vice-president (new product development) Shashank Surana said, “Pulse is a highly scalable brand and it has resonated exceptionally well with consumers. The brand has huge potential.”

As per reports, Pulse is now being sold in major international markets like Singapore, US and UK, and DS Brand may soon patent it’s unique recipe as well.

Rs 6600 crore market of sweet candy, which mainly consists of hard boiled candies, mints and jellies is now being dominated by Pulse, and its growth and sales volume is being observed closely by MNCs.

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