AI Is Revolutionizing Marketing Like Never Before: 6 Ways This Is Happening Right Now

Definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI): Intelligence exhibited by machines. AI is the study of intelligent agents, which can study their environment, and take action which helps them optimally achieve their goals, in the shortest possible time. 

Definition of Marketing: A generous, strategical, and tactical act that helps your customer solve a problem. A field of study which takes into account consumer behavior, product engineering, and communication mediums. 

Robert Williams, a 42-year-old executive has just entered the new shopping complex near his home, with a determined intention to only buy a bar of chocolate for his wife. Suddenly, he receives a Whatsapp notification from his favorite t-shirt brand, informing him about a 50% sale, applicable for the next 5 hours.

The notification has a map to the closest retail outlet, which is just 300 meters away from him.

Robert forgets about the chocolate, and right away dashes into the t-shirt retail outlet, and buys a couple of t-shirts.

No, this isn’t a fantasy anymore, but a real-life example of how AI and Marketing are working together to generate more sales, create more awareness, and delighting loyal customers with extraordinary communication. 

In fact, AI is right now transforming marketing like never before. 

Here are 6 ways marketing is getting empowered with AI, and breaking all rules, creating new protocols and new standards:

Understanding Customers Like Never Before

Marketing is all about leveraging technology to understand the customers, and solving their problems. Once that happens, then relationships are formed, which translates to business transactions. 

Since AI is an advanced technology, it can assist marketers in understanding their customers in a better, sophisticated way. As we observed in the above example, the t-shirt brand used AI capabilities to know where Robert was, offered a deal which he couldn’t refuse, and did this in real-time for the best results. 

Seamless Communication: Fast, Effective & Real-Time

AI is enabling marketers to communicate with their customers in real-time, offering them information, data, and deals which is based on their previous purchasing pattern, and the current trends. 

AI is integrating CRM, Big Data, and Sales Strategies into one uniform, robust platform, which is transforming marketing forever. 

As in the example, we observe, Robert was able to decide to enter the t-shirt retail outlet, only because he received the information about the sale just in time, complete with the map of the outlet, and the sales offer.

This is a sort of communication and conversion which marketers only dreamt of in the earlier days.

Digital Advertisements Are Now Laser-Sharp, Intelligent & ROI-Driven

Artificial Intelligence is inducing a new lease of energy and creativity into the digital advertisement mediums, which ensures that the campaigns are more ROI-driven.

There are now AI tools that can test thousands of ad-creatives in a split second, scoop out critical demographic data about millions of potential customers, and control the media spending in a way that ensures the highest ROI for the brand. 

Thanks to AI, the right online audience is receiving the right messages, at the right time, and this is enabling more brands and organizations to spend more money on digital advertisements. 

A win-win situation.

A New Paradigm Of Automation In Marketing

One of the most visible, and useful aspects of AI in marketing is automation. 

The mundane tasks, which often required a considerable workforce to slog it out, are now being automated on a massive scale, and the results are breath-taking.

For example, SMS and Email marketing. 

Using AI-powered tools, brands are now able to quickly identify and target the right emails and phone numbers, which are relevant for the business, rather than mass mailing their entire list, and endangering themselves with the spam label. 

Once identified, the mails and SMSes can be blasted in seconds, fully automated, and scheduled as per the marketing plan.

The same task, if done by human beings, can take hours and hours of work.

Enhanced User Experience Across All Platforms

Artificial Intelligence involves intelligent agents or bots, which can be programmed to do a specific task, based on the user inputs and business objectives.

And this is a game-changer for marketers. 

Be it websites, social media handles, telephone or emails, AI can empower the marketing team to remain online everywhere, at the same time, and thus give the customers a memorable experience, which is consistent and intelligent.

For example, chatbots and automated messages, which can handle almost all customer queries in real-time, and give a delightful user experience to the customers, be it any day or night. 

Query resolution in real-time is another example of how AI is helping the brands to get a better grip over their customer’s expectations and needs.

Forecasting & Predictions Is No More A Gamble

Sales and Marketing forecasts and predictions are now algorithm-based, powered by AI, CRM, Big Data, and Analytics, rather than a gamble and guesswork which was the norm earlier.

Based on the customer’s previous history, current sales trend, live social media trends, and the location of the customer, AI can correctly predict what your customer demands, and wants, at any given time.

This gives the organization an unprecedented edge over its competitors and makes their positioning stronger, and accurate.


The above pointers and arguments highlight how AI is transforming marketing, and why marketers should focus more and more on using AI tools and concepts to break new barriers in professional efficiency. 

And we have barely scratched the surface here! 

With AI, the potential is unlimited, and the marketing horizon has expanded into infinity.

The only question which remains is: How far and deep are you, as a brand, willing to go?

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