Tesla’s Model 3 Coming to India This Summer: Elon Musk


Tesla’s Latest Model 3 is Coming to India; Elon Musk Makes Announcement On Twitter

World’s largest electric-car maker, Tesla is entering India soon, but there were no timelines yet. The first car to be launched will be Model 3, which is also the cheapest car out of the product line.

Yesterday, a fan tweeted Elon Musk asking him about plans on entering India and the tentative dates we can expect the company to launch their vehicles. Elon Musk replied that the company targeting this summer, which means sometime around June to August 2017.

Tesla Motors Inc., now Tesla Inc., is known for their futuristic electric vehicles like Model S and Model X, that give competition to supercars and SUVs alike. The technology in these cars is unmatched, and owing to the capabilities at Tesla, the company has gained a lot of recognition around the world.

Last year, Elon Musk had said Tesla is looking to enter emerging and developed markets like India, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and Ireland. The car has been priced at $35,000 in the US, which translates to a price of around Rs. 35 Lakh in India after taxes and other duties, though the Government is expected to offer rebates.

Recently, the Government also announced a plan to convert all commercial vehicles to electric vehicles, which seems rather impossible. Such ambitious plans should be made only when at least a small population has shifted to electric vehicles. However, the initial high investment on these cars restricts them from purchasing these eco-friendly vehicles.

Is India ready for such an early launch of Tesla?

Tesla vehicles need superchargers at regular intervals, other than charging ports at home so that they can work in conditions in India. Electricity is already a huge problem in a country like India, I don’t know how the Government will be able to tackle that.

Other than that, the vehicle is expected to be very expensive, unless the company plans production in India, which will not happen anytime before 2020. All these problems, coupled with the road conditions in India deter the company from launching their products in India this soon.

Having said that, we’re eager to see how the car delivers in India and how the consumer market reacts to it, considering there is a dearth of electric cars here.

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