Tesla’s Latest Model 3 is Coming to India; Elon Musk Makes Announcement On Twitter


Tesla Model 3

Warning: This is not an April Fool prank!

Elon Musk, the visionary billionaire, entrepreneur has shaken and stirred every living Indian automobile enthusiast by announcing that Tesla’s latest Model 3 would be launched in India. Elon himself made this announcement via Twitter, wherein he said that Model 3 would be launched in several countries which include New Zealand, Brazil and India.

He tweeted: “Adding several more countries to Model 3 order page tonight. Check for details, but will include India, Brazil, SA, SK, NZ, Sing & Ireland”

Tesla’s latest electric car: Model 3 has generated unprecedented excitement all over the world, as its the cheapest Tesla car priced at $35,000 (which is apprx. Rs 23 lakh). Although it’s still expensive compared with an Indian sedan, but the excitement and buzz around the car has excited automobile enthusiasts from India.

Earlier, Elon Musk has declared that his company SpaceX will launch 4000 satellites to provide high speed Internet all over the world.

Model 3: The Ultimate Electric Car?

Originally code-named Tesla Bluestar, Model 3 has a range of 320 kms (once charged, it will run for 320 kms); and it can reach a speed of 60 miles/hour within 6 seconds. Just like earlier Tesla cars: Model S and X, Model 3 is a rear wheel drive and incorporates speical features from Tesla like a central touch hub which can be fitted in the middle of the dashboard.

As per Tesla’s design chief Franz von Holzhausen, the Model 3 will “be an Audi A4, BMW 3-series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class type of vehicle that will offer everything: range, affordability, and performance with a starting price of US$30,000”

Bookings are already open on Teslamotors.com, and production would begin from 2017. Some reports are claiming that a smaller first batch would be delivered by end of 2017; and as per Elon’s earlier Tweets, full-fledged production of Model 3 would begin from 2020.

But Tesla’s Electric Vehicles in India Will Work?

Now, Tesla has installed super-chargers all over US, wherein any Tesla customer can charge their cars and continue their journey. In India, there is no such facility.

Besides, the import tax on this car will make it more expensive.

But overall, the future of electric cars in India is bright, as Govt. has made plans to have 100% electric cars in India by 2030. The process had started last year, when Govt. announced an incentive of Rs 1.38 lakh for every electric car, besides announcing plans to have 7 million electric cars on Indian roads by 2020.

In 2014, Mahindra, which acquired India’s first and only electric car manufacturer Reva, has launched Reva Formula E, which was hailed as India’s first electric sports car.

Both Tata and Maruti have shown intense interest in this niche and in future, we hope, that they become stiff competitor of Elon Musk’s Tesla cars.

  1. Nikhil says

    Awesome car – no doubt. Few points though.
    The ground clearance needs to be higher – with so many companies coming up with SUV lookalikes, it will seem that low clearance vehicles are not very easily accepted by the Indian folks – primarily because of our road conditions.
    Where will we charge? That is going to be a big question mark.

    I think Ciaz hybrid is a good combination. Maruti is easing itself into the EV segment, which is a clever move.

  2. Sudipto Chakraborty says

    I am sure with some dedication Tesla can install their Supercharge stations in India as well. But the question is.. will it used judicially?
    And also, will those charge stations will be maintained well at the same time?

    We’ve already seen some small budget electric cars around. And if we can cooperate with Tesla then we can surely make this dream of Elon’s come true as well.

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