Sachin Tendulkar Pushes for Made In India IoT Firm Smartron, Launches 2-in-1 Laptop & Smartphone


Sachin Tendulkar Smartron

Smartron, the startup which claims to have spent $10 million in the last two years to develop a strong ‘IoT Ecosystem’ has roped in none other than master-blaster Sachin Tendulkar as a ‘Strategic Investor’ and Brand Ambassador for their products.

Developed in India, and using their own microprocessors, Smartron aims to capture the Internet of Things market globally. And yesterday, they launched their first ever laptop and smartphone which can seamlessly provide IoT experience.

During the launch, Mahesh Lingareddy, Founder & Chairman, repeatedly highlighted the fact that they are not ‘some other Chinese’ vendor who comes to India, shows some ‘gimmicks’ and then goes away. As per them, Smartron is trying to become an Indian IoT startup, which is aiming to capture a global, $2 trillion IoT market.

Besides being the founder of Smartron, Mahesh is also a co-founder of Soft Machines Inc, a US-based semiconductor company with operations in US, India and Russia. He shared that Smartron is working on a wide spectrum of technologies, which include smart sensors, cloud, Big Data, mobile and hardware to provide seamless IoT experience across domains such as healthcare, enterprise and services industry.

Sachin Tendulkar – The Investor

And when Sachin came on stage, he shared that he joined Smartron after much research into their business model; and his dream is that Americans using India-made Smatron products in America.

He said, “I have always been fascinated by technology. Smartron’s founding vision for the need for a robust product ecosystem in the country to grow is very impressive. We need to support brands that are “designed and engineered in India” by our Entrepreneurs and Engineers that ably compete in the global markets.”

As per reports, he has invested an undisclosed amount in this startup, and in the coming days, he will appear in various advertisements promoting Smartron products such as smartphones and laptops.

He also added that this is his ‘2nd innings’ as he looking to work closely with technology and entrepreneurs to promote Brand India all over the world.

TPhone & TBook


Smartron and Sachin launched their first products: TBook, which is a 12.2 inch 2-in-1 laptop having Intel Core M processors and Windows 10 OS. It is priced at Rs 39,999.

TPhone , the smartphone, is a thin, 5.5 inch screen smartphone having Android based Tron-X OS. Price was not mentioned during the launch.

Smartron is actually attempting to provide seamless IoT experience called Tron-X using the platform: Hubtron, which allows different devices to communicate with one another. Hence, Android OS would be able to contact with Windows OS; a watch would be able to communicate with an microwave oven and more.

For example, as soon as a picture is taken on the smartphone, it would be visible on the laptop; as soon as a SMS is received, it is accessible across all connected devices.

As per them, Smatron have plans to spend $100 million in the next 5 years.

Internet of Things will soon become a $15 billion market in India; and Government of India has already issue its first ever Internet of Things Policy Document and Bangalore is already declared as IoT hub of Asia.

Going by the the enthusiasm and vision shown by Smatron, it is very clear that they have some big plans for this niche; and inclusion of Sachin shows that they are pretty serious as well.

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    Good to see completely indegeneous brands. Better to buy such products than supporting nation who supports terrorism.

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