Bengaluru Declared World’s Most Dynamic City; Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai Feature In The List Too


Most Dynamic Cities World

A city is lot more than a geographical statistics within a map; it’s an entity with it’s own pulse, and own heart beat. It grows, it shrinks, it expands and it destroys.

In order to understand the importance, and dynamism of a city, the way it adapts to development and the way it absorbs the growing population, leading real estate research agency Jones Lang LaSalle has created City Momentum Index.

Based on the research, India’s IT hub and our very own Silicon Valley has even beaten the actual Silicon Valley in ranking. Bengaluru has been declared as World’s most dynamic city based on it’s ‘ability to embrace technological change, absorb rapid population growth and strengthen global connectivity.’

Indian Cities Dominate Ranking

Overall, 6 Indian cities have been featured in this list, which are: Bengaluru (#1); Hyderabad (#5); Pune (#13); Chennai (#18); Delhi (#23) and Mumbai (#25).

India is the only country whose 6 cities feature in this highly coveted ranking, which is now into its 4th year.

From China, 5 cities feature in this list, which are: Shanghai (#4); Beijing (#15); Shenzhen (#22); Hangzhou (#26) and Nanjing (#29)

Overall, Asian countries have occupied more than 50% positions in this exclusive list, thereby indicating the tremendous growth and development witnessed in Asia, compared to Western Countries.

Other prominent Asian cities in this list are: Ho Chi Minh City (#2); Hanoi (#8); Dubai (#11); and Manila (#19).

Vietnam has emerged as the surprise entry, with two of its cities being featured in the top 30 ranking, and its capital featuring at #2 position.

Influence Of Europe Diminishing In Creating Dynamic Cities?

Urbanization is clearing moving away from the developed countries, which is now experiencing saturation. The most glaring example can be witnessed in London, which has dropped from #1 spot to #6 this year. London was #1 city since last two years.

Besides, only 3 cities from Europe feature in the list of dynamic cities: London (#6); Paris (#17); and Dublin (#28)

Jeremy Kelly, JLL Director of Global Research said, “The CMI highlights that, despite various political upheavals and ongoing economic uncertainties, many cities continue to show impressive dynamism. Keys to their success are the agility and openness that enable them to adapt quickly to each new wave of global change..”

This list of dynamic cities was created after researching and analysing 134 global cities, and judged against 42 variables which includes: recent and projected changes in city gross domestic product, population, corporate headquarter presence, commercial real estate construction, rents, education, innovation and environment.

The full report would be unveiled on February 1st, 2017.

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