Jugnoo launches ‘Menus’ to Get into On-Demand Meal Delivery Service


Jugnoo Meals

Uber introduced uberEATS in San Francisco in 2014, and since then the facility has been expanded across the US, Singapore and Europe to deliver food to individuals. Chandigarh-based Jugnoo too relaunched ‘Fatafat’ as a meal and tiffin based delivery service to its customers.

After getting into hyper-local grocery through the acquisition of SabKuchFresh, Jugnoo has now ventured into food delivery space through ‘Menus’. According to a report by Medianama, the new service is currently live in Noida, Gurgaon, Indore, Chandigarh and Jaipur, and the company plans to launch Menus across all Jugnoo locations in India in coming months.

“The newly launched ‘Jugnoo Menus’ will aggregate restaurants and outlets including  Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway, Baskin Robins, Super Donut, Burger point, Rolla costa, Copper Chimney, Marky Momos, Dhaba.com among others. Food will be delivered via Jugnoo’s existing network of auto rickshaw drivers and claims to ensure “quick and convenient delivery”,” the report added.

Jugnoo has tied-up with some fast food joints for now so that you can satisfy your hunger pangs without waiting a lot of time. Most of these places also deliver directly but why not try Jugnoo and see if there are additional benefits.

Can this business be successful?

Food delivery business in India, by a vehicle aggregator, did not do very well. Ola shut down Ola Cafe early this year, after a very few months of operations. Uber still hasn’t launched uberEATS in India even though this country is very important for Uber in Asia.

The reason is that the online meal ordering services already have an extensive network of delivery guys through Swiggy, Faasos, Zomato and other similar services. While delivering meals via autos may sound fine right now, in the long run the company has to manage logistics extremely well to optimise the rides and money spent.

Smaller meal delivery companies are sprouting up, partnering with specific food delivery startups that specialize in deliveries. It is here that Jugnoo has to optimise the efficiency of its drivers as well as the delivery.

However, Jugnoo was the first to offer on-demand rickshaw service at affordable rates, and if it can also provide meals to customers on time and without any higher additional costs, then this service could expand rapidly across the country.

Source: Medianama

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  1. Eater says

    This is an Excellent idea! If the Jugnoo guys are listening, I’d like to tell them to carry on, and quickly expand to other cities. These guys – foodcloud.in are a service that does this, but their economics are falling apart – maybe if you guys offer them your service, ie. a cheapo-but-good auto delivery network, then we could all get our food cheap? :) Get on it, guys :) Can’t wait to order from you…..

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