Zomato Starts Intercity Delivery: Order Food From Different Cities (How Will It Work?)

Zomato has launched a service through which it will deliver food from different cities to customers.

Zomato Starts Intercity Delivery: Order Food From Different Cities (How Will It Work?)


What is it?

Dubbed Intercity Legends, the service aims to let customers enjoy food from around the country from the comfort of their couch.

Zomato wrote in its blog:

“With our new launch ‘Intercity Legends’, no matter where you are, you can order and relish legendary dishes like baked rosogollas from Kolkata, biryani from Hyderabad, mysore pak from Bengaluru, kebabs from Lucknow, butter chicken from Old Delhi, or pyaaz kachori from Jaipur.”


Zomato Intercity Legends is currently being piloted for select customers in Gurgaon and South Delhi.

It has said that it will “rapidly scale this to other cities in the next few weeks.”

CEO Deepinder Goyal said that dishes will be delivered from across India to customers “the very next day”.

How it looks in the app

The ‘Legends’ tab appears as a banner for those living in South Delhi and Gurgaon.

At present the list of cities to order from includes Kolkata, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Bangalore, Mathura, Chennai, Agra and Bhubaneswar.

Not all restaurants are displayed for each city, only some of the iconic ones.

Not all dishes in these restaurants are shown either but only the well-known and best-selling ones.

How it works

Delivery will take place within one day via flight. 

Once customers receive their orders, they can microwave, air-fry, or pan-fry the food. 

The food is freshly prepared by the restaurant and packed in reusable and tamper-proof containers to keep it safe during air transit.

Thanks to state-of-the-art mobile refrigeration technology the food is kept preserved without having to freeze it or add any kind of preservatives.

Preserving the essence of the dish

There is merit to this initiative.

Loyalists of a particular cuisine may be dissatisfied with the taste when ordering from outside the region. 

They may be willing to wait for up to a day to get their favourite food, and then have it as and when they want.

The company has assured that all types of dishes have undergone lab testing to ensure that the aroma, texture, and taste remain of high quality.

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