uberMOTO Bike Taxis Coming to Hyderabad; Fares Starting at Just Rs. 20!


UberMOTO-Hyderabad Launch

Bike taxis are a common mode of transport in Goa and Haryana, specifically Gurgaon, because of the transport laws here. One can easily take bike taxis, like uberMOTO and Ola Bike and travel from point A to B in a convenient and inexpensive manner. Having personally taken these modes of transport, I can guarantee you a pleasant ride.

uberMOTO launched in Bangalore early this year, but was halted because of Government’s regulations. Now the company is looking to launch the bike taxi service in Hyderabad by January 2017. Thankfully, this time the Government is fully involved in this new feature.

Hyderabad citizens, and visitors, will be able to book uberMOTO and travel with ease and convenience. You will be able to book a bike taxi on the Uber’s app itself, choose the uberMOTO option and just punch in the destination.

Travis Kalanick, Founder and CEO, Uber, said “I am thrilled to announce the launch of uberMOTO in Hyderabad. Our goal is to provide our riders another choice for quick, reliable and affordable transportation, and to partner with the Telangana government on smart mobility solutions for the state that reduce traffic congestion.”

Here is how Hyderabad residents can get started

  • Download the Uber app for iOS or Android and create an Uber account, if you already don’t have one
  • Select uberMOTO in the app, enter the pickup location and payment method, and request a ride; receive driver details — name, photo and details of the motorbike.
  • uberMOTO drivers will have one helmet for the rider, and all riders and drivers must wear a helmet, as per the law.
  • At the end of the trip, pay by cash, credit/debit card or mobile wallet and receive an electronic receipt via the Uber app

uberMOTO will go live in Hyderabad from January 2017, and will be one of the most affordable transportation options in the city, with fares as low as Rs 20 for the first 3 kms and Rs 5 per km thereafter. This means that a 6 kms trip will cost you around Rs. 35, whereas an equivalent on UberGo or UberX would cost you almost thrice of that.

Shri K T Rama Rao, Telangana Cabinet Minister for IT E&C, MAUD, Industries & Commerce said, “Uber has added another feather in our partnership today by launching uberMOTO to help solve the transportation and congestion problems for people in Hyderabad and I am hopeful that this service will help people in reaching their destination quickly and conveniently.”

The good thing is that Uber takes this bike taxi service very seriously. All the bike drivers are well trained and acquainted of safety procedures. You get to sit on the pillion with a helmet while you get to your destination in shortest possible time, because bikes are easiest to maneuver.

uberMOTO also has GPS tracking facility, and payment through Paytm, cash and cards for convenience. It has all the bells and whistles of a normal cab, except there is no roof on top, and has two wheels instead of four. If you’re in Hyderabad, or visiting Hyderabad soon, make sure you try this bike taxi service because it is very convenient in this age of ever-growing traffic.

Source: Uber

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