Amazon Prime Video Is Now Live In India – 3 Facts Which You Should Know!


Amazon Prime Video India Launch

Last month, we had predicted that Amazon Prime Video would be launched in India within a month; and our prophecy has indeed become true.

Amazon Prime Video has now been officially launched in India, as Indian users of Amazon Prime can now simply download the Amazon Prime Video app on Google Playstore or Apple Store to stream exclusive video content, on-demand.

Before launching their most crucial entertainment centric product in India, Amazon had completed enough groundwork as they have inked exclusive partnership with Dharma Productions and have allocated a budget of Rs 2000 crore for creating original video content (TV shows, movies, serials and more) in India.

With the grand entry of Amazon, the market for on-demand video streaming service has certainly warmed up. A typical fan of on-demand entertainment in India now has multiple options, right from Netflix to Hotstar and beyond.

Here are 3 facts which every fan of online video streaming service should know about Amazon Prime Video:

Cheapest On-Demand Video Streaming In India

Amazon Prime Video is not a separate service, but it comes bundled with Amazon Prime, which was launched in July this year. This itself is a great monetary advantage over other players in this niche, as Amazon Prime offers some sizzling features such as free one day delivery, early access to exclusive deals and more.

Now, Amazon Prime is being offered for Rs 499 per year (for a limited period), which can go up to Rs 999 per year later on (not decided, when!). For Rs 499 per year, Amazon Prime + Prime Video will only cost Rs 41 per month; and with Rs 999 per year, it will cost Rs 83 per month. Comparably, Netflix charges Rs 650 per month and Hotstar costs Rs 190 per month.

This easily makes Amazon Prime Video as the cheapest on-demand video streaming service in India, which will certainly help them to break into a competitive market.

Watch US Shows By Paying Indian Money

US membership for Amazon Prime costs $99 or Rs 6700. But an Indian user, by paying Indian charges (Rs 499/year or $7.50) can have the access of the full US catalogue of shows and movies. This means that by paying Indian money, users can watch US shows, at an incredibly low rates. In fact, Indian users can watch the shows and movies of any country it wants. We are really not sure whether this is a bug which Amazon forgot to rectify, or it is a deliberate move to entice Netflix users, who are often upset over non-availability of US shows in Indian catalogue.

Massive Catalogue Of Entertainment

Right now, we can observe movies right from Sultan to Suicide Squad on Amazon Prime Video. This means that Amazon wants an Indian user to witness every form of on-demand entertainment. If Indian movies such as Sultan, Kabali, and Raaz are available, so are Supernatural, and the Man in the High Castle. If exclusives like 2 Broke Girls, and Mike and Molly are available, so are Netflix-owned Elementary, and the Good Wife. And, Amazon’s focus on local content is also pretty evident as they are trying to get IPL rights for the Internet and mobile as well.

We have already highlighted how Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are adapting different paths to lure the Indian audience; and it is clear now that Amazon may have an upper hand, after all.

Who will win the race of on-demand video streaming service in India – Amazon or Netflix? Can Hotstar give a decent fight to these global biggies? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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  1. Mud says

    Great news! Now there will hopefully be many more shows like Pitchers, Permanent Roommates and Little Things…… may there be a 100 more TVFs and AIBs…..

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