Chinese Media Makes Fun Of #BoycottChinese Campaign; Describes Investment in India as ‘Suicidal’


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The on-going war of words between India and China regarding business relations and trade ties is refusing to subside. In a scathing attack launched by state-sponsored media, a Chinese publication has said that India can only ‘bark’ when it comes to calls for banning Chinese products.

As per a recent editorial written by’ Indian-born freelance writer living in Baiyin, Gansu Province’, the campaign unleashed by social media against Chinese products is ‘rabble rousing’, and it can do no harm to Chinese companies.

The editorial said that products manufactured by India are of low quality, and they can never match what China is producing. The hate spewing article said: “There has been a lot of talk recently in the Indian media as well as on social media about boycotting Chinese products. It’s just rabble rousing. Indian manufacturing cannot compete at all with Chinese products, for various reasons.”

‘Make in India Is Baseless, Don’t Invest In India’

The anti-India article published by Global Times in China has described PM Modi’s Make in India vision as impractical and baseless. In fact, they have asked Chinese companies not to invest in India, as investing in India is ‘suicidal’.

The article said: “It would be completely suicidal for Chinese companies to put their money in India by starting manufacturing projects there. The labour class in India is not very hard working or efficient,”

Terming rising corruption in India, the opinion post made fun of the rising trade deficit between India-China and said that there is no need to change the status-quo, wherein Indian traders go to China and buy cheap products to sell in India.

They said, “Let the Indian authorities bark about the growing trade deficit with China. The fact of the matter is they cannot do anything about it.”

Dear Chinese Media: India Can Bite As Well

No doubt China is somewhat correct in stating that #BoycottChinese campaign failed to garner traction this festive season, as record breaking sales of Chinese products were witnessed across the country.

Chinese crackers have already flooded Delhi’s market, and as per data, we import 6 times of what we export to China. The rising trade deficit cannot eradicate within 3 months.

However, the fact of the matter is also that Chinese companies are right now scared of Make in India vision, and are going jittery over rising investments by Chinese companies in India. Not only Huawei, one of the largest electronics manufacturer from China, has announced to start manufacturing in India, but also Foxconn has started shifting base from China into India.

Asus, Gionee, Xiaomi, LeEco and other Chinese electronics majors are also making a beeline for India in order to kick start their manufacturing process.

As per a recent research conducted by Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) states that current conditions in India is better than China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Philippines when it comes to starting a new business or manufacturing goods, and this has certainly irked Chinese media.

As per HKTDC, wages in India are lower compared to China, India has a huge in-house market which is hungry for consumption and India has a stable democracy which has induced a lot trust and belief in the country.

Besides, investors-friendly programs launched by the present Govt. has improved ‘Ease of Doing Business’ in India, and a massive coastline and smooth in-land transportation with rigorous focus on building infrastructure has put India in a unique position to overtake Chinese economy very soon.

The present anti-India article published by a state-sponsored media from China only amplifies one thing: India is growing faster than China, and they cannot fathom this fact. Using the #BoycottChinese debacle, Chinese media has unleashed a negative propaganda to tarnish India’s image.

But they are forgetting that if India bites, then it can be much dangerous than their barks.

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  1. goop says

    awww! those sweet, cute little people are fighting with us? really, this is senseless….we have to unite, and start fighting with the REAL enemy – asians fighting with asians is just.. Stupid!

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