#BoycottChinaProduct: Assam CM Asks To Stop Buying Chinese Products; Bihar Village Court Bans ‘Made In China’ Products


Boycott China Products

In view of China’s support to Pakistan & their proxy-war against India, social media had erupted in cries of #BoycottChinaProduct, across all niches and locations. This movement to stop inflow of Chinese products is now slowly, but gradually turning into an official movement.

Reports have emerged that Assam CM has requested all Assamese to stop buying Chinese products; and a Bihar village court has officially banned all ‘Made in India’ goods.

Assam CM: Stop Buying Chinese Products

Two things happened within short interval which prompted Assam CM and Govt. officials to officially make statements against Chinese products.

First, China’s ongoing support to terrorism in India by helping Pakistan, and second, China’s decision to block a major tributary of Brahmaputra in Tibet, which will directly affect Assamese farmers.

In view of these developments, Assamese CM Sarbananda Sonowal has requested all traders and customers from the state to stop buying Chinese products. This is for the first time that a publically elected representative of a state has openly asked to boycott Chinese products.

Assamese CM said, “The puja market in the entire state has been flooded by Chinese goods and toys. There are enough locally produced toys and other items that can be bought during the Durga Puja. Doing so will also strengthen the local economy.”

Meanwhile, Assam’s finance, health and education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has said that he will personally run a campaign across all Durga Puja pandals to deter people from buying Chinese products, especially toys.

In a separate statement, he said, “We have noticed that China has stopped the flow of the Brahmaputra. Under such circumstances, we should also stop purchasing Chinese goods and take steps for releasing Brahmaputra water. I appeal all to boycott and refrain from buying Chinese goods..”

Actions would be taken against traders in Guwahati, who are selling Chinese products as well.

Kamrup (Metro) district administration along with deputy commissioner M Angamuthu has launched a campaign to verify identification of all traders, who are selling Chinese products in the Guwahati.

Bihar Village Court Bans ‘Made in China’ Products

Meanwhile, a Gram Kachahri (village court) in Bihar’s Aurangabad’s district has become the first such court in India to officially ban all ‘Made in China’ products in their village.

Obra panchayat, which controls a population of 10,000 people, has ordered that anyone buying or selling Chinese products in the village would be heavily fined, as they appealed to all to stop purchasing Chinese products.

Gudiya Devi, who is the sarpanch of the village court, has said, “China is an enemy as it is supporting Pakistan against India. We should not purchase and use Made In China goods…that would weaken its economy.”

On a side note, those who are advocating ban on Chinese products should also consider the plight of Indian traders, who have already invested heavily in purchasing Chinese products in anticipation of heavy sales during festive period. By banning Chinese products, their investments may fail to recover, and they can incur heavy losses, which would be a loss for India, not China.

We will keep you updated as more details emerge regarding banning Chinese products in India.

  1. Keshav Kumar Singh says

    I won’t buy Chinese product what about u. Let’s start boycotting the Chinese product and show the China power of india.

    Happy boycotting China and Chinese product

  2. akshay says

    You have written “banned all ‘Made in India’ goods” mistakely in

    “Reports have emerged that Assam CM has requested all Assamese to stop buying Chinese products; and a Bihar village court has officially banned all ‘Made in India’ goods.”

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