Social Media Erupts With Cries For Full Boycott of Chinese Products This Festive Season


Boycott China Products

Chinese companies which have invested substantial amount to make inroads into Indian market are right now worried over their future. Angry social media has erupted with cries for boycotting Chinese products this festive season; and going by the intensity with which this campaign is gaining ground, it can sound trouble for some Chinese firms, especially those who are into electronics niche.

Even political parties and leaders have joined the chorus for boycotting Chinese products in India, and the matter is escalating fast.

Why Social Media Is Angry With China?

Chinese Govt. has recently blocked a bid by India to designate Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar as a terrorist by United Nations. This is indeed surprising, as UN themselves have declared Masood as a terrorist.

Now, China exercised their power to stop India’s bid just two days before the expiry of the hold; which means that it’s a shrewd and deliberate move by China to help a terrorist organization, which is acting against India.

Infact, as per Indian Govt., the recent Uri terrorist attack was conducted by Jaish-e-Mohammad, and by helping him to survive and live is same as going against India and plotting terrorist acts against it.

Besides, China has recently blocked a tributary leading to Brahmaputra in Assam, which has further angered Indians, and prompted them to support Boycott Chinese Products campaign.

Social Media Erupts With Fury Against China

As soon as the news about China’s support for terrorists came in, social media users from India erupted in a collective fury against them. Users on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp shared anti-Chinese messages, and urged one and all to stop buying Chinese products this festive season.

Some of the Tweets which were circulating and trending include:

“#Boycottchinaproduct Lets boycott Chinese product. Chinese items are similar to there govt.”

It’s just not Facebook and Twitter, but if you are on WhatsApp, you may have already got messages of similar nature, requesting users to boycott Chinese products!

Political Parties Jump The Bandwagon

Meanwhile, as tweets and Facebook posts went viral, political parties jumped into the bandwagon, and created a whole political angle to the controversy.

BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya has asked his party members to boycott all Chinese products this festive season, and urged all Indians to stop supporting Chinese companies.

He said, “Buying Chinese product is an indirect support to a terrorist country,”

He also appealed to all traders that one should look into the nation’s interests before profit or loss.

As per available reports, Indian Govt. is soon going to conduct high level meetings with Chinese Govt., and help them understand the severity of terrorism and convince them about sinister plans of terrorist outfits like Jaish-e-Mohammad and their chief Masood Azhar’s intentions to disrupt peace and harmony in India.

Do you think that boycotting Chinese products will help in stopping terrorism? Do share your views by commenting right here.

  1. Vikram Rane says

    While it would definitely not stop terrorism, I don’t want to fund an economic entity which occupies my land (one part of Kashmir) and actively supports Pakistan to occupy another part.

  2. Pradyumna chattopadhyay says

    My take on why #BanChinese is just a targetted campaign and a hypocrisy we cannot afford right now. My opinions and sort of response to this campaign but I thought about writing this after going through your facebook feed.. Comments please?

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