Is it Beneficial for Freshers to Join Startups in the Initial Stage of Their Career?



Playing the safe card is what our parents teach us from the very beginning. In a society, that is quite orderly and systematic; it is general for one to get their degree in a course and start working with a well-established company. No risks involved, no major experience gained. After you complete your graduation, it is in your hands to whether work in a warm and safe but a dull atmosphere. Or, to look out for a startup which will provide you with a creative and lucrative environment regarding the experience you gain.

Once you receive your degree, the crucial decision has to be made relating to the type of company you’ll work with. It’s hard to choose. The initial days of your career are critical as they shape your future very finely. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of working in a startup which will help you in understanding if taking a risk is worth it or not.


More responsibility

Degree in hand, your chin high. You think people will assume you to be mature enough now? That is not the case in a multinational company. They will consider you as a fresher and give you the same training as others. However, in a startup, they value your energy and skills. Because the company has just kicked off, they will give you more things to handle. Your job would not be – to sit on the desk and do a single thing but to manage multiple things at once. The team would also be small in number, and thus your efforts will be clearly visible to your seniors. But that also means, your goof-ups would be clear as crystal to everyone.

Working in a startup allows you to grow as an individual and as a professional. Here, you can hone your skills better. Sometimes, these startups are also willing to hire college going students too. The experience that is gained through all the various work they put through is worth the experience we gain at the end.

Plethora of opportunities

I am very keen on showcasing all the talent that I’ve got and thus always on a look out for various opportunities. Working with Legalraasta has given me more chances than I can count on. Considering my initials days as a content writer, my content was not that effective. But, continuing the work, I have improved immensely. Sure, I could have applied for some high-paying job in some other company, but the chances that a startup provides isn’t available in any MNC. As a writer, it is very vital for me to grow in my skills rather than work for a high paying company.

Creativity at its best

No matter if the startup you work with has a strong backbone to support (investors) or not. You will learn to work with limited resources and gain the most out of it. The job will help you become very creative and use your resources carefully.

High Risk

Though working in a start-up has its own charm, the risk is pretty high. You never know, if the flight you take will land you safely or crash down in the middle. However, a start-up with creative minds and passionate employees is sure to land safe and sound.

Gleeful environment

A startup ensures that you connect well with your fellow-workers. You keep in touch with your boss as well as your juniors, no matter the position. The environment of the workplace is always energetic. Not to mention, the flexible work-hours they provide and casual clothing they allow. As long as you work hard, they are happy with your efforts. However, there is also a downside to it, sometimes, the work pressure is too much and you ae expected to work late at nights if the project is not complete.

No formal Organization

The pros of working in a startup are very tempting, and usually, freshers overlook the cons. The issue of working for a startup is that it does not have a stable, structured environment. Also, there are no real perks as compared to the ones provided while working for an MNC. No gym, food court, extensive office buildings whatsoever.

Once you go through all these points, it is important to take into consideration what you want. To work passionately is the only way to achieve success. So, if a startup is the answer you seek. Don’t think too much and plunge into the sea and discover your true abilities.

This article is contributed by Surbhi Saini who is a content writer at LegalRaasta, a site for Nidhi Company Registration in India.

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