Uber Launches an India-Focussed Campaign ‘Move Forward’ to Appreciate its Driver Partners


Uber Move Forward

After Uber’s acquisition by Didi Chuxing in China, Uber is looking to concentrate in high-growth markets like India and Singapore. With the ‘Mi Pan Malak’ scheme for drivers, the company wants to engage well with its customers as well as the drivers.

As a gesture, Uber India will be featuring driver partners that have helped the brand grow in India. A campaign called ‘Move Forward’ has been launched by the company exclusively for India to appreciate the zeal of the partners.

With the help of BBH India, an advertising agency based out of Mumbai, Uber India will feature uber partner drivers and talk about how they have been empowered through their journey with the company.

Uber’s blog puts it as, “With real life anecdotes, the campaign uncovers delightful ways in which people experience Uber. It aims to celebrate the zeal of partners and riders who have set forth to achieve their goals and reassure them that Uber will always be part of their journey.”

How is Uber honouring these partners?

Uber has requested all of its customers to reach out with the hashtag #UberFiveStar and it’ll reach out to the top driver-partners and reward them. This is an amazing gesture from a company that is doing more than just running cab-aggregation.

In the video on the company’s blog can be seen a father, and an Uber driver at the same time, dropping his daughter off at school for a test. The video shows the diligence of an Uber driver while managing his/her personal life.

To reward such drivers and partners, Uber has requested customers to get back to them with similar incidences and rides like this. Often we see people sharing posts on Facebook, Quora and Twitter about smooth and comfortable rides, but nothing is done about them other than sharing.

This is the same company Ola accused of being ‘foreign’, and often than not Uber assures more reliable and comfortable rides as compared to Ola. If you have taken a ride that has made you more content at the end, do share it will Uber on any of the social media websites with the hashtag mentioned earlier.

Source: Uber Newsroom

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