Reliance Jio Alleges Incumbent Operators Are Not Releasing POIs; Furnishes Proof!


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Unless you have been living under a rock, you know how incumbent telecom operators are playing it dirty when it comes to releasing sufficient Point of Interconnects (PoIs) for the new entrant, Jio.

It has been a while since Jio has been complaining about the insufficient PoIs released by incumbents for its 4G VoLTE network. A few days back we also covered a news story about Airtel and Idea promising sufficient PoIs to Jio. However Jio claims that the incumbents have not done anything on the ground.

Incumbents’ Claims Vs. Jio’s Version About PoI Augmentation

In its latest press release, Jio reveals the actual change in the PoIs allotted to the Jio network by the 3 leading telecom operators- Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea. The incumbents have released only 10% of what Jio requires for maintaining its Quality of Service (QoS).

Jio Talks About PoI Augmentation From Leading Telcos

“The deliberate move to not provide sufficient interconnection capacity, as is apparent from the above numbers, is clearly aimed at hindering RJIL’s entry into the sector and is depriving Indian customers from enjoying superior HD voice services being offered by RJIL,” complained Jio.

It also mentions that there hasn’t been any significant change in the interconnect capacity in the last 15 days. As a result Jio subscribers are facing 10 crore call drops daily between the Jio network and the 3 leading telecom operators.

According to the industry practice Jio’s immediate requirement of PoIs is of the order of 4,000 to 5,000 E1s per operator. Whereas the sum of all PoIs released by each operator equals 1,644 E1s! It is no wonder why Jio subscribers are complaining that they can’t call their friends on the top 3 telecom networks.

RJIL again states that the continued denial of requisite PoIs from the incumbents is a clear violation of Licence conditions and TRAI regulations on the QoS.

Incumbents Are Blocking MNP To Jio Network

Jio also claimed that the leading telecom operators are blocking the MNP to the Jio network on unsubstantiated reasons by rejecting the porting requests. This is also against their Licence conditions and MNP Regulations.

We hope that the incumbent telecom operators and Jio would resolve this interconnect capacity issue amiably without creating any further mess. They should instead come up with better tariff plans like Vodafone FLEX for retaining the existing subscribers and attracting new users in the long-term.

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  1. deepak says

    1st jio should resolve it’s own internal problems , sim’s are not activated for last 20 days.

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