Weekly Wrap-up: TRAI MySpeed App, Jabong Sale, Fat Tax, Aadhaar Mandatory & More…


It’s Monday morning and once again time to do a quick wrap-up of posts published on trak.in last week. If you were offline for any reason, our wrap-up is a great way to catch up with all the tech buzz!

Weekly Wrap-up: Ola Corporate, BookMyShow Financials, Paytm Sound Pay & More…

Adding to its kitty, TRAI has launched another custom app to take on the likes of Speedtest.net and other speed test apps. Called TRAI Myspeed, the organisation has unveiled an app for users to check the speed of the internet on their smartphones.

Jabong is up for sale and four prospective buyers with whom Jabong is currently negotiating are: Alibaba, Myntra, Aditya Birla Group led Abof and Kishore Biyani led Future Group. Here are 3 reasons why they are bidding to acquire Jabong!

To keep up with the growing sales and higher demand of the festive season, Amazon has now opened up 6 new fulfilment centres across India. Also, there might be another reason for this – their upcoming launch of Prime Services in India?

Terming the tax as ‘fat tax’, Kerala Government has proposed adding a 14.5% tax on burgers, pizzas, tacos, fries, sandwiches, donuts and other similar food items. The whole exercise is to refrain customers from consuming and businesses from selling foods detrimental to one’s health.

The much awaited question of the year – What will be the name of Android’s next version ‘N’ – has finally been answered. Google has revealed the name its upcoming version of Android, Nougat, while we still don’t know what version number it will be.

Technology seems to be the USP of majority of startups and they spend hefty amount of time and funds on developing the technology that is unmatched to their competitors. This is one of the way all the start-ups fascinate investors and venture capitalists.

Myntra ‘End of Reason Sale’ witnessed 20 Lakh orders by the end of the first day itself and about 5 Lakh app downloads a day before the sale started. 90% of the orders came from the app itself, while the rest 10% came from its desktop and mobile version.

Many international entrepreneurs see incorporating in the USA as a big challenge. In fact, incorporating in the USA is not that difficult. Here is how you can easily incorporate a company in the US from India itself. It is not that difficult!

Due to slowdown in funding and focus on cost-cutting measures, India ecommerce firms have virtually stopped leasing out new office space, all over India. As per a latest Knight Frank report, office space leasing by ecommerce firms have crashed down by 78% during first 6 months of 2016.

There is both positive and negative news for Indian job-seekers – While Japanese companies plan to Hire 40,000 Indian Engineers & Tourism is expected to create 4.6 Cr Jobs, Automation threatens to wipe Away 70 Lakh Textile Jobs.

It’s time for entrepreneurs to rejoice as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has relieved startups from treating any advance of Rs. 25 lakhs or more as ‘deposit’, provided such funding happens via a convertible note.

The newest Google Maps update allows Android users to add multiple stops in their journey, irrespective of the landmark. Google says road-trip enthusiasts will benefit the most from this since they will be able to drive through routes of their choice, making stops at towns or villages at their own convenience.

In a report titled, “Digital disconnect in customer engagement”, Accenture Strategy brings to light the findings of consumer behavior perspectives when it comes to customer service. The cost the companies have to bear due to consumer switching for US companies for their poor performance works out to $1.6 trillion, while for Indian companies, it is $412 billion.

Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has again rapped Yoga guru Ramdev’s company Patanjali for broadcasting misleading advertisements of their products. This time, the scolding came for four of their best selling products: Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil, Patanjali Fruit Juice, Dant Kanti toothpaste & cattle feed (Dhugdhamrit).

The Android vs iOS war is long over. The end user has won. But the fight between the mobile web browser and the app has just started. Mobile Web, with over a Billion users, is by far the most accessible platform globally.

Clinics which provide such gender tests carry abortions of female foeticide in illegal manner, and it seems search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are allowing such ultrasound centres & clinics to advertise their illegal services. Sex determination tests are banned in India, and Supreme Court has taken a serious note of this issue.

A unique case of ecommerce heist was unearthed at Flipkart, when it was found that one of their delivery boys’ is stealing iPhones in a smart but deceitful manner. The case was cracked after 12 iPhones worth Rs 5 lakh were exchanged with faked models;

Xiaomi is planning to move away from the lower rung of the market and get into the premium segment. This does not mean Xiaomi will not launch cheaper smartphones, but they will be announcing a high-end spec’ed smartphones by the end of this year.

Oppo has reached out to Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion(DIPP) for approval to open its own retail stores throughout the country. The Government relaxed the local sourcing norms to give the foreign companies a little time to settle in India before they start local manufacturing.

TRAI launched MySpeed App for a reason. It wants to ensure that all Indians get a better internet connection with promised speed and network quality. With this app, TRAI wants all of us to test our internet speed and report it to them so they can take required actions.

Come October and Flipkart will be launching it’s third Big Billion Day sale. There were some doubts if Flipkart will go ahead with the marquee sale this year, due to Government ruling barring eCommerce sites to influence the prices. But looks like that has not deterred Flipkart.

Reliance has now slashed the prices of many popular LYF phones by up to 29.6%. Al LYF smartphones come with truly unlimited 4G internet access with no FUP and 4500 local + national voice minutes for 3 months. In addition they are now offer 2 years warranty as well!

The first batch of 5,000 ‘Freedom 251’ devices will finally be out for delivery from July 8 and the receiver will have to pay Rs. 291 (including Rs. 40 as delivery charge) to get the unit according to the company CEO Mohit Goel

After Ola, it is the turn of Meru to suddenly become patriotic and induce nationalism in the hardcore business of taxi services and technology. In a blog post published on Meru’s website, they have severely attacked Uber’s business practices, and blamed them for breaking Indian laws.

Google wants to take the Apple way again to launch not one, but two smartwatches this year, under the brand Nexus. So this makes us assume that the devices will be closely integrated with the Nexus family and might be cheaper than we’re expecting them to be.

Now many people think that browsing in Incognito or InPrivate mode will hide their internet activity and safeguard their activity from everyone. This is simply not true. The ‘Incognito’ does not transmit any pre-existing cookies to the websites you visit and stores no browsing history.

As per reports coming in, Indian Railways will now make it mandatory to furnish Aadhaar Card details for booking train tickets. This means that if you still don’t have Aadhaar Card, then you will be denied a train ride.

In a fresh move to bring about a change in the lives of 4 billion people who don’t have internet access, Facebook has unveiled OpenCellular. OpenCellular is open source wireless access platform that can be used to provide a host of wireless services from 2G to 4G LTE and even Wi-Fi access points.

Facebook has announced a new, sizzling feature which will surely grab eyeballs (pun included): Offline downloading of videos. This marks a new frontier within the battle between Facebook and Youtube, as the latter had introduced this feature way back in 2014. And Facebook is fast catching up.

Kerala, which achieved 100% mobile penetration and was declared as India’s first Digital State, has set another milestone for the rest of India. World’s first digital incubator for students has been launched in Kerala, which will provide mentorship and guidance to young entrepreneurs from all over the country.

In an effort to promote new innovations and sustain the entrepreneurship spirit, The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) paved way to the country’s first Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Internet of Things (IoT) at the NASSCOM Startup Warehouse on July 7th, 2016.

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