TRAI MySpeed, A New Internet Speed Test App From TRAI



Adding to its kitty, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI) has launched another custom app, since its last launch of ‘DND Services’, to take on the likes of and other speed test apps. Called TRAI Myspeed, the organisation has unveiled an app for users to check the speed of the internet on their smartphones.

An independent app from the regulatory authority, consumers will be able to check the speed of their 3G or 4G connection. Although TRAI has not officially announced the app, it is available for download on Mobile Seva app store, and is expected to be officially launched by 5th July on Google Play store.

The app is compatible with smartphones running on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and above and is available to download at no cost. iOS users will have wait a little while before TRAI announces a launch on the appstore.

The data collected from your smartphone will be directly relayed to TRAI’s analytics portal and keep them apprised of the internet speeds throughout India.

MySpeed Internet TEst

We tested the app and found that it gave the speeds pretty accurately. What we were really surprised were with the UI. An app developed by Government agencies is generally not that appealing, but TRAI MySpeed app work and looks good too. Yes, it does not give the ‘latency’ figures, but speed test worked beautifully – See the screenshot above!

There is more than just internet speeds

Well, to differentiate itself from other third party apps, TRAI not just gets the data from users, but also receives the network coverage and associated information, device information and location of the testing to its servers.

This will help TRAI to understand which service provider is offering what kind of speeds and whether they are within the stipulated range that they have fixed.

Early this year, TRAI released its recommendation for the minimum network internet speed and this app will be providing support to get its facts in place. A host of other initiatives will get covered through this app and provide TRAI with enough for data for further action.

Users throughout the country have been experiencing poor coverage and internet speeds, and while telcos have taken steps to improve the condition, results are far from expectations. Not only are users getting lower speeds as opposed to the promised speeds, prominent areas in metros see poor coverage and services.

Looks like TRAI is cracking the whip to ensure that telcos do not provide substandard services in India, and through this medium, TRAI will get enough proof for a strict action against them.

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