Weekly Wrap-Up: WhatsApp 100M Calls-a-Day, 24X7 Open Rule, RCom 4G Delhi Launch


it’s Monday morning, and once again, time to do our customary Weekly wrap-up. Here are all the latest and greatest posts from last week – if you were offline last week, this is best way to catch up with the tech buzz!!

Weekly Wrap-up: Ola Corporate, BookMyShow Financials, Paytm Sound Pay & More…

Ringing Bells, company behind Freedom 251, has claimed last week that it is ready with 2,00,000 smartphones in its inventory to be shipped on the 30th of this month. Earlier Ringing Bells had claimed shipping by June 28, but it looks like the Noida-based company has extended that by just two days.

Starting with East Delhi, AAP Government is planning to install more than a thousand hotspots in more than 500 locations with over 1,000 hotspots in these areas. The internet connection is expected to cater to more than 1.2 Lakh people in the area.

Videos encouraging hatred and fueling anger, extremist viewpoints would be automatically blocked by leading Internet portals. If we leave aside the campaign to protect privacy, then this is the for the first time that Internet behemoths such as Google, Facebook, Twitter along with Microsoft and others have united to stop the flow of extremism via Internet.

WhatsApp has announced that their voice calling feature has crossed 100 Million mark in one day, which means nearly 1,100 voice calls every second. WhatsApp messenger is a great way to connect with friends and family, and voice calls make the distance even lesser for you.

As of June, 2016, India’s capital Delhi attracted more venture capital funds than all other Indian cities combined. In terms of VC money, total of $917 million was infused into Delhi-NCR startups across 155 deals, which more than 50% of the total venture capital infusion across India.

After about a month of wait and torturing themselves with the snail-slow 2G network of Reliance Communications, RCom loyal subscribers who shifted from CDMA can take a sigh of relief now. RCom 4G LTE has been launched in Delhi in collaboration with Jio.

Eros Now has entered into a strategic partnership with Micromax Informatics to preinstall the smartphones with its app for consumers to enjoy the video-on-demand service. Eros Now boasts of more than 3,000 movies in multiple languages in its catalogue, as of now.

Google is now planning to launch its own smartphone by the end of this year. By own smartphone we do not mean the existing Nexus devices, but completely its own, including manufacturing, from the hardware to the software.

After Govt. of Karnataka made Ola as India’s first licensed cab aggregator, they have relaunched their battle against Uber with a new found energy and enthusiasm; just like that school kid who is trying to become the class monitor after submitting his homework.

A new report from Edenred-Ipsos Barometer has presented a completely opposite, rosy picture which states that 88% of Indian employees are happy and satisfied at work. In fact, as per the report, Indians have beaten all other countries (which participated in the survey) when it comes to satisfaction and happiness at work.

Flipkart is all set to re-launch Digiflip, Citron and Flippd, and the products that include apparels, consumer electronics and jewellery, with a twist. The company wants to ensure only trusted sellers and top-notch merchants develop these products, considering the first stint did not work out well.

Things may change soon for review websites, blogs, social media portals like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc as Govt. is considering to put responsibility of the content on the website which is hosting it. This provision would be made under the new GST Bill (Goods and Services Tax Bill) which can be soon approved in the Parliament, and give some restless nights to publishers and online reviewers.

India’s largest cab aggregator, Ola Cabs, has announced its investment of Rs. 350 Crore in Haryana, almost thrice that of Uber, in the next five years. The company has operations in 5 cities in Haryana – Gurgaon, Panchkula, Ambala, Faridabad and Kurukshetra.

In a fresh bid to rejuvenate their own professional commitment in providing high quality, fresh food to passengers, IRCTC has now joined forces with Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) which means that IRCTC is indeed serious about food.

Finally! The agony of homebuyers has been heard by the government. Going forward, for any delay in handing over possession of the property to the buyer, the real estate company will have to pay 11.2 per cent interest on the principle amount paid by the buyer

In the case’s hearing on 29th Jun, Supreme Court dismissed Yadav’s petition to ban WhatsApp in India. The plea also emphasized on the fact that the encryption is so strong that no one can hack it, and WhatsApp doesn’t have any measures on their end to decode them.

In a big boost to Indian economy & generation of new jobs, Govt. of India has allowed malls, shops, eateries, companies, factories to remain open 24*7, 365 days a year. This new rule has been passed after Union Cabinet cleared the The Model Shops and Establishment (Regulation of Employment and Condition of Services) Bill 2016.

Within the last 10 years, that is between 2005 & 2014, India witnessed massive decline of women workers, which is highest in the world. Compared to 2005, India had 10% less women in workforce in 2015, which is a disturbing trend.

Launched at a slightly steep price tag of Rs. 19,999, LYF Earth 2 comes with some decent specifications, features and gesture controls that are usually seen in premium smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7, OnePlus Three and Google Nexus 6P.

India Posts has now allowed all individuals and corporates to get their custom printed postage stamp featuring their photo or design for Rs. 12 lakh.

The big information giant Google now enables Indians to search for information easily switching between English and Hindi. One could easily type in their searches in Hindi and obtain information in English and Hindi.

Xiaomi also launched its partnership with MobiKwik, a mobile payments company, to offer single touch payment system ‘One Touch Recharge’ on its new ROM unveiled yesterday. The tie-up with allow Xiaomi MIUI8 users to pay for DTH and recharges instantly with a single click

Here is a complete guide that will let you know how you can promote your eCommerce site if you are on a Shoestring Budget!

As per reports coming in, in order to ‘fight’ offline biggies and various retailers’ associations which are influencing Govt.’s decision in their favor, ecommerce companies are working hard to form their own lobby and take their pitch to higher level.

A new trend is coming up which enables wealthy Indians to easily enter US via EB-5 visa; and such is the craze right now that around 1200 people have lined up to experience the ‘American dream’ by paying Rs 3.3 crore or half a million dollars to instantly get EB-5 visa without any hassles.

As per their latest RedSeer E-tailing Leadership Index (ELI), Flipkart has scored 91 points, which helped them narrowly beat Amazon which scored 87 points in various categories.

Henceforth working women in private sector may soon be entitled to 26-week maternity leave under the newly yet to be passed mandate called ‘The Model Shops and Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Bill, 2016’.

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