TRAI Launches ‘DND Services’ Mobile App to Block Pesky Callers!


DND Services Mobile App Pesky Callers

DND or do not disturb feature, was launched way back in October 2011, however, even today the menace of unwanted pesky and marketing calls continue to haunt mobile users in India.

TRAI, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is now taking more steps to bring the pesky call menace under control. They have come out with an app named ‘DND Services’ that will help mobile users to manage unsolicited commercial communications (UCC).

The service exists right now as well, and users can file complaints by calling toll-free number 1909, but this app is expected to speed up the process for users.

A Robert J Ravi, Advisor(TD & QoS) at TRAI, said, “The regulations have been framed keeping in view the interest of the customers and telemarketers while ensuring effective implementation.”

The application is available on Google Play Store and Mobile Seva App Store for download and will be coming to iOS soon. The app required Android 4.0 and above for installation and has a size of 5.8MB.

Other Features of DND Services App

Initially when DND service at 1909 was launched, resident of India could block pesky callers and texters, along with telemarketers. The user would simply have to register the phone number by texting to 1909 and receive a lot lesser number of such calls and text messages.

Apart from registering for ‘do-not-disturb’ service and filing complaints on the app, users will also be able to view the status of their lodged complaints. The complaint will be delivered to the telecom operator as well.

The description in Play Store states, “After registration if telecom subscriber still receives any UCC via SMS or call, then this app will facilitate users to register complaint with their respective tele-service provider. The interface of the app is very user friendly and does not require much of the user intervention. Users can also check their Registration Status and Status of Complaints (Call/SMS). Some options of this App will require internet connection.”

Once the app is opened, users can choose to select DND for particular channels like education, banking/insurance/credit cards, health and consumer goods etc. There are virtual buttons to lodge a complaint, check status of UCC and complain via call.

TRAI’s first setup of DND service was not as effective as residents had thought it to be, with some small organisations tying up with mass SMS sending companies. Through this app, users should now be able to make a bigger impact on telcos to block the pesky calls and texts.

Do give the app a try and let us know what you think!

Download ‘DND Services’ from Google Play Store and Mobile Seva App Store

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