Xiaomi & MobiKwik Partner to Bring One-Touch Payments on MIUI8 ROM


Xiaomi Mi Mobikwik

Xiaomi, yesterday, launched its Mi Max phablet in India, along with its new ROM, MIUI8, which comes with a host of new features and advancements. The interface is newer with material design and houses quicker and cleaner animation along with improved colour schemes.

In the event today, the Chinese handset maker, Xiaomi also launched its partnership with MobiKwik, a mobile payments company, to offer single touch payment system ‘One Touch Recharge’ on its new ROM unveiled yesterday. The tie-up with allow Xiaomi MIUI8 users to pay for DTH and recharges instantly with a single click.

This will allow users to make bill payments and do recharges on their smartphones without the need of opening MobiKwik’s application or going online on the web.

“With this initiative, we take a leap in giving users a seamless recharge and payments experience. This pioneering association with Xiaomi is a step towards Internet businesses collaborating to create the best experiences for the user,” said Mrinal Sinha, Chief Operating Officer at MobiKwik.

How does it work?

Mobikwik Xiaomi Mi Recharge

To make it as simple as possible, once a user received a reminder text from a telco provider, or a DTH provider, the message will display an option ‘Recharge Now’ below the body of the message. As soon as the user presses the option, bill payment will be the done instantly.

The press release from the company states, “MobiKwik’s partnership with Xiaomi enables the users to recharge right from the reminders that they get from the operators. Existing Mi users can make use of the feature when they upgrade to MIUI 8.”

The new technology also ensures that you do not miss out on the bill payments and balance recharges, something we do tend to forget in our busy lives. How many times did we wish there was a simple tech like this that could simplify our work? Well, Xiaomi and MobiKwik have started the trend now, finally.

What’s in for MobiKwik users on MIUI8?

New users will get a 50% cashback on their first recharge through the app, and existing customers will get a 10% cashback on their first recharge every month. This way the company will ensure users are engaged and do not hesitate to use the service.

I take it as a start to something bigger, maybe an integration of MIUI and MobiKwik to offer single-touch payments at merchants, offline payments and other utility bills. Not only this, Paytm, MobiKwik’s largest competitor, has to step up its game and offer something more exciting to Xiaomi’s customers.

This partnership can also pose a threat to Paytm, as most MIUI8 customers will be using MobiKwik for recharges and bill payments, a service Paytm is adept in. Let’s see how MobiKwik nurtures this partnership with Xiaomi in the coming time.

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