Govt Issues Patent Guidelines For Indian Startups; Facilitator Must For Filing Patents


Patents for Startups

Indian Patent Office or IPO has introduced new policy framework for Indian entrepreneurs. These new policy features would be the guidelines for those entrepreneurs who wish to file for patents, related with any industry.

As per the new policy, a facilitator is now a must for filing a new patent (to be discovered here); and in case the entrepreneur is not able to locate one, then he or she is encouraged to contact the Head of Patent Office of that respective city and 3 new facilitators would be provided by him.

A list of around 280 facilitators have been provided by the Patent Office for the same.

Overall, this is a welcome step, aimed to boosting patents from Indian technologists and entrepreneurs, and promoting the culture of innovation among them. These guidelines would be followed for patents, designs and trademarks.

Considering the push for ‘startups’ and ‘Digital India’ by PM Modi, such comprehensive policy framework for patents was a necessity.

Last year, when Indian Govt. stopped entrepreneurs from patenting any innovation, then we had questioned the move as it could have throttled innovation and new ideas.

However, in February this year, when Indian Patent Office again clarified that there would be no patents allowed in India, then some analysts shared that it’s a good decision for India where larger software and IT companies can easily claim patent by modifying few lines of codes.

Interestingly, India is a major hub of patents, as India has beaten China is attracting funds for research and development, whereas Cisco has claimed that 9% of their patents come from India.

Patents & Its Importance in Tech Industry

Patents is a big deal in business of technology; it is a massive industry wherein billions of dollars exchange hands for few lines of codes or a new tiny technique of innovation.

The in-famous Apple vs Samsung patent fight is still fresh in our memories, wherein two of the largest tech companies fought over modifications of mobile UI and few curves of boxes which baffled lawyers and judges for months.

By paying almost half a billion dollars, Samsung finally closed this case against Apple.

There is a reason companies like Google are patenting their technologies related with map creation and tracking of potholes and accidents; there is a deep logic behind Samsung patenting designs of foldable smartphones; and Xiaomi knows what they are doing when they purchase 1500 patents from Microsoft.

Such is the importance of patents, that Google has already launched world’s first marketplace of patents and their primary objective is to purchase as many patents as they can!

Last year, around 7500 lawsuits related with patents were filed in the US, and the number is increasing at a steady pace. In fact, on December 2nd, Texas received 257 new legal cases related with patents; something which created a sort of record for USA.

You can view the guidelines issued by Indian Patent Office here.

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