Google Resumes its Map Maker in 51 Countries, Files Patents For Pothole & Accident Tracking


Google has re-launched it’s map editing app, Map Maker seeming to have recovered from the unfortunate incident that forced a temporary suspension. Three months earlier in April, pranksters got away by adding an Android logo peeing on Apple’s logo on the mapping platform. Prone to easy modification and access, Google took off the platform to build an anti-prank platform for it’s users.

Now it has re-launched the mapping app with the introductory lines, “Make your world look beautiful on Google Maps

Map maker now comes with more authentications and app control, so pranksters will have no luck this time. This time around, you can start contributing to make the whole commuting experience a good one. New options and new tools have been introduced to keep such e-mishaps at bay.

The most important and useful feature introduced now is that the modifications and edits that an user puts in will get authenticated by “regional leads” so that the data modification put up will be appropriate and correct.

For each region, Google has identified prospective “Regional leads” who have been Google Map and Map Maker enthusiast and users for a very long time with a neat track record. Earlier, data modifications were an automated process allowing users to change without much hurdles.

Now the Map Maker is available in 51 countries, US, UK, India, Brazil and Canada being some of the countries in the list.

A lesson well learnt for Google, it has now erased the polygon editing features which lead to the Android peeing creation. The mapping tool can only rename polygons but reshaping polygons will be a feature for Google to use. Other nations will also have their Map Maker up and running once Google finalizes it’s “Regional lead” list.

Meanwhile, Google has also filed for the patent of tracking and alerting it’s users about potholes and accidents. The motion sensor in the car GPS will keep a track of rough rides and potholes but alerting the driver on this next return. Google wants to keep track of the routes and the driving experience through it’s motion sensors fixed in the car which it thinks as a crucial data to work on for it’s driverless cars.

It has already a fleet of driverless cars ferrying employees in it’s large Mountain View park premises, California. With the crowdsourcing from many, the data collected through Map Maker can help making commuting a hassle free affair.

For most of the part, we are just happy to have Map Maker back on the mapping platform and we do pray that pranksters and hackers are kept at bay with the new Map Maker which has urged it’s users to, “ Make your world look beautiful on Google Maps”

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