India Post Geo-Tags 1.5 Lakh Post Offices Using Bhuvan; More Govt. Depts To Use Space Tech In Coming Days


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Indian Government has decided to use Space Technology in various Government Departments; and the initiative has already been started by India Post.

In a first of its kind collaboration, India Post has geo-tagged around 1.5 lakh post offices on Bhuvan, which is a Geographic Information System tool developed and launched by ISRO (which falls under Department of Space)

This special geo-tagging of all post offices inside India has been done so that common man can easily locate nearest post office, and get to know all services which are being offered there. Interestingly, out of 1.5 lakh post offices, around 1.39 lakh are located at rural areas; and this is for the first time that all post offices have been geo-tagged.

Bhuvan, which has been hailed as better than Google Maps or any other virtual globe software, can provide detailed imaginary upto 10 meters; a feat which none of such GIS tools can provide. Just for information, Google Earth shows details upto 200 meters, whereas Wikimapia can show details upto 50 meters. Hence, a map provided by Bhuvan can provide a better aerial view compared to a chopper.

Launched in 2009, Bhuvan has right now 6000 map services, which are being used under various applications. In 2013, ISRO decided to crowdsource local data mapping using a new Android app.

An official from IT Ministry said, “More than 1,50,000 post offices have been geo-tagged and their exact location on a GIS satellite imagery map along with photograph, services and office timings etc have been made available on the portal..”

As per reports coming in, PM Modi has instructed all Government Departments to use Space Technology for more tasks and operations; and this new initiative by India Post is just the start.

India Post To Embrace Technology In A Massive Way

Besides geo-tagging all post offices, India Post is working on a new mobile app which will monitor all letter boxes and ensure timely clearance of the same. More details are awaited regarding this new development.

In the last few months, India Post has been on overdrive to embrace technology and to improve their process and operations.

In March this year, India Post decided to provide handheld devices to all post-men so that technology can be used to monitor their efficiency and to track all deliveries. Besides, all 1.5 lakh post offices were announced to be digitalized. A budget of Rs 4909 crore has already been allocated.

India Post is already working with ecommerce firms for cash on delivery mechanism, as they earned Rs 1000 crore revenue from CoDs. An exclusive shipping counter for all eBay deliveries is already live.

In 2014, India’s first Post Office ATM was launched in Chennai; and Govt. has already provided India Post with license for Payments Bank.

And last year, India Post said that they will help farmers to sell their produce online.

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  1. Saurabh says

    I wanted to use its general Parcel for selling but it does not provide online tracking. My product is heavy and inexpensive so I needed an inexpensive courier. Parcel is inexpensive but no tracking and standing in queue for half an hour at post office Parcel counter makes it useless.

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