EmbroS: A Wearable Tech Startup That Wants to Change Lives of Over 15 Million Visually Challenged


LiveBraille Mini

How many startups can you count that solve real world problems instead of just adding value to each other? There are only a handful and one of those that come to our mind is EmbroS.

Formerly named Live Braille, EmbroS is the world’s first human augmentation startup creating products for people not having access to basic sensory functions. A person is not an entrepreneur unless he/she is solving problems, instead of building ideas around them.

Founded in Chandigarh by Abhinav S. Verma in October 2015, the startup is looking specifically to building products for the visually challenged. A 10 member team is constantly working on improving their products to ensure they are perceived well by the people in need.

LiveBraille Mini and PRO are two such products from the startup, and the latter is expected to be ready by mid of this year. Such startups might not get swanky offices and huge funding with bold newspaper headlines, but in the background they are doing something which has potential to have positive impact on millions of lives .

More about the products and innovation

The company mentions, “Imagine a 32 gram ring that the visually challenged could wear on one of his fingers and tell you exactly how far an obstacle is, what is it, where is it going and how fast is it going?”

That pretty much sums up the product LiveBraille Mini. It is a wearable tech that wraps itself around a user’s fingers like a ring. The Mini gives haptik feedback to the user as soon as there is any obstacle, an above knee level, within a 4.5 meters radius. It even tells if the obstacle is hard or soft, how fast the object is moving and in what direction.

The startup claims that a person using live braille can look at upto 3000 objects simultaneously in one second.That’s much faster than the real human eye. Visually Challenged people can easily run through a maze of obstacles or can travel alone catching metros, running up to their office, cross roads, and most importantly be productive!

The LiveBraille Mini is priced at a good Rs. 6,999, which could be on the expensive side, but given what it can do for visually challenged people, it is priceless.

The functions of the device were properly studied and evolved in the last two years to make it a public product.

There is another similar product known as LiveBraille Education, which is an extension to the Mini. It has 8GB of internal storage and has the ability to read all NCERT books and some audiobooks. It is priced at Rs. 9,999 and aims to help the school going kids having visual problems and finding it tough to cope up in schools.

How is EmbroS solving a huge problem

The company claims that the products caters to a base of 15 Million visually challenged people in the country. The device does a simple job of ensuring the person can walk on his or her own without the need of a dependent. Not only does this give confidence to the user but also ease to others around the person.

The products have already been bought by 1000+ customers in 3 states within 3 months and EmbroS sees the growth charts going up every month.

An excellent product for a noble initiative, we hope investors out there are funding such startups, which are doing a wonderful job in helping the people of the country. The products will be available on Flipkart soon so be sure to check them out!

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