Indian Startup Creates Portable Washing Machine Costing Only Rs 1500 / $25


With a goal of placing a ‘washing machine in every household’ and with a vision of ‘When technology meets common man, World prospers’, a Mumbai based startup is aiming to offer fully functional, portable washing machines for only Rs 1500.

This is unique one-of-its-kind device to wash clothes has been named: Venus – The Mini Portable Washing Machine.

The startup has already shared their plans with crowd-sourcing platform IndieGoGo, and have pitched to raise $50,000 (Rs 30, 00,000) before December 12, 2014, which will enable them to mass-produce this exciting device, and fulfill their mission and vision.

At the time of writing, $1250 out of $50,000 has already been raised.

Piyush Agarwalla, founder of Vimbas Navrachna, the startup which has invented this idea said, “The simplicity of design will enable us to make this machine at a very low price – if mass manufactured. Making this device available in the market for an affordable price for the poor families in the third world will help millions of women who presently are forced to wash clothes by hand,”

Venus Portable Waching Machine


How Will It Work?

This washing machine can be described as an electronic hand blender, which is small enough to be carried in a backpack and large enough to wash 4-5 clothes in a bucket, with strikingly good results. Every wash will take maximum 4 – 5 minutes, and it is being advised that the machine be used for 30 minutes in a day.

Here is a video which describes its functioning:

Why Should One Use It?

There are several situations wherein such portable, easy to use washing machine can come in handy, even if you have a bulky, mainstream washing machine in your home, such as:

  • Washing those clothes which are used to mop floor or clean the kitchen, as washing them with your clothes can be a bad choice.
  • Homes where there is an infant or small children, and you are required to wash their clothes separately
  • Washing patient’s clothes to avoid infection/contamination
  • Washing those clothes which can leak or shed colors
  • Travelers and traveling sales men can keep this portable washing machine in their backpack, and use it in hotel or lodge.
  • Those households which doesn’t have a budget to purchase a typical washing machine
  • Students & bachelors will find this device useful as well

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 110/230 V
  • Power: 350 Watts
  • Weight: 2.1 Kgs (Basic Unit)
  • Capacity: 2.5 Kgs
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 100x150x420 mm
  • Wash Cycle: 3 to 5 mins (approx)
  • Contents: Basic Unit, Bucket Clamps

Future Plans

The founders of this extremely economical and useful device have stated that once their project receives the required crowd-funding, they will also embed DC or Direct Current mechanism into it, which will help user to operate using batteries as well.

Check out the Founder Piyush Agarwalla’s thought process behind producing this device.

Besides, mass producing this device will help them bring down the cost and make it even more affordable to purchase and use.

What are your views on this invention? Will this portable washing machine be adapted en-masse by those who don’t wish to wash clothes by their hands and can’t afford expensive washing machines or this device is not practical to use, as clothes needs a tough and expensive machine to get washed? Do share your views by commenting right here!

Check out Venus Portable Washing Machine on Indiegogo


    I had ordered Venus Washing Machine on 30th November, 2014. However even after a long 8 months after payment was made I have not yet been delivered the washing machine. This is just ridiculous Mr Piyush Aggarwalla you cheat people in the promise of providing a cheap machine

  2. Dinesh Kumar Sahoo says

    Price should be Rs 100 for one round of wash. Rs 150 is bit expensive.

  3. […] Mumbai based startup is aiming to offer fully functional, portable washing machines for only Rs 1500. This washing machine is made for the needy and the poor in Third World […]

  4. ABDUL BARI says


  5. Piyush Agarwalla says

    Ayush, the product on ebay is also from us. You are right. We have been at this for some time now. However, the initial model had several drawbacks and was withdrawn. With the feedback we received by selling a small quantity in the market, we have now a fully tested and tried model in various working conditions. In fact, the machines that will be made post December, will be insulated with a space age super insulating spray imported from Russia. This machine can be immersed in water with power ON and still there will be no electrocution. Please see our campaign page on Indiegogo. I have posted a video about this super insulating spray.

    1. Rommel B says

      Excellent invention. I hope you get it patented and get govt. support to keep out copy-cats.

    2. Sumit says

      Had purchased the machine from eBay ,liked the product a lot but the only problem is that at times it gives shock even when I switch off the button of the machine. eBay has agreed to refund the money but I like the machine so please see if it can be replaced

  6. Mohit says

    Lol! My parents bought something like this 10 years ago at an exhibition.

    Now this what I call innovation:

  7. Altaf Rahman says

    Nice article. Gives exposure to innovative concepts.
    In the West, innovations are sold to or are shared with professionals who do the complete packaging.
    As you can see, in the above comment one reader expressed a concern regarding electric device in direct contact with water. In the West the Companies which get new concepts have a number of professionals. Some work with safety features, some with technical side, some with user friendly design, some do marketing. Every one shares the success.
    In India we read every now and then some new concepts tried by ordinary people.
    For example, one ordinary mason deviced a lift at construction site using the power of a scooter. We don’t know what happened after that.
    One ordinary farm laborer invented a mechanical harvester using motorcycle.
    So many stories which had so much potential.
    After some time we all forget the news. We never know what happened to those innovative concepts. Propably the innovator could not find investors and the concept died grudgingly.

    America did not become World No 1 with armies. They developed on inventions and most of their inventions are put to practical use.

    Really feel sad for the lack of organizational skills in India.

    Just my two paisa :)

    1. Piyush Agarwalla says

      Altaf, I fully agree with you. In India, it is very hard to incubate new ideas unlike in US where VCs immediately come to your aid. Because of this very reason, we chose to seek funding on an international crowdfunding site. Several blogs and websites like have supported us by featuring an article like this. Today thousands of Indians are aware of this product and the reason we are out there. Unfortunately, so far only 4 Indians have supported us with contribution while rest of the funding coming from US and elsewhere. Indians are liking it on twitter and facebook, but not contributing. We are confident that we will achieve our goal and succeed in bringing this machine at an afforable price of Rs1500 so that poor family women can start using them and not be forced to do daily laundry by hand.

      As regards to electrical shock, please note that we have importeda space age spray from Russia. What it does…why don’t you see for yourself on our campaign page. I have posted a video.

      1. Arun Prabhudesai says

        Piyush, This article got featured on Reddit Gadget page ( at top position, and at last count over 150,000 people have visited this page. There have been lot of comments on that page, I suggest you should reply to those and comment there, so as to clear some of the doubts that people have…
        With bigger community, you will have much more success with raising the funds.

  8. Raman says

    The only thing is, it doesn’t look very safe. There’s a serious risk of electrocution in using a electrical device in water…same reason you need to be careful with a hair dryer in the bathroom.

  9. Ambika says

    Wow! That makes me so proud of being an Indian myself!
    As soon as I read the title, I knew it had to be by Mohul Ghosh. (Y)

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