4 Tech Powered Crowdsourced Innovations That Will Stun You!


Necessity is the mother of invention” – Old English Proverb

The day fire was invented (or discovered?) by human beings, the destiny of the whole human race changed; they understood the meaning of innovation and power and how to use existing tools and opportunities to make their lives better. Although it is still debated by historians, but some major pre-historic inventions such as fire, wheel, agriculture etc. formed the base of human civilization.

Right now, we are living in the knowledge age where platforms such as technology and crowdsourcing is enabling dare-devil innovators and problem solvers to come up with some amazing inventions which has surprised everyone.

Here, we will share 4 such technology powered innovations, supported by crowdsourcing which has helped us to find better solutions for our existing problems:

4 stunning Innovations


1) FOBO Tire: World’s first Bluetooth controlled Tire Pressure Monitoring System

If you want to check your tire’s pressure, the only option is to visit a car mechanic or a petrol pump where this facility is available. What if you suddenly need to go on a long drive in the middle of the night, and there is no way you can check your tire’s pressure? It can be a big risk.

Malaysia based a team of innovators have designed world’s first Bluetooth controlled Tire Pressure Monitoring System called FOBO Tire. It works with iOS and Android device and comes with an “intelligent In-Car monitoring unit” which tracks the tire pressure even when the car is not moving. Additionally, they have designed a signaling system which alerts the driver even if he doesn’t have a smartphone.

It waslisted on the popular crowdsourcing platform IndieGoGo, and has raised $70,414 as of now, against their goal of $28,000.

Here is a video which explains it all

2) 3Doodler: World’s first 3-Dimensional Printing Pen

Imagine using a pen to draw something in the air, and suddenly it comes to life! Leonardo Da Vinci could have achieved so much more incase he had access to such a magical pen. Using technology as a medium, and dreams as the source, a team of young innovators have invented world’s first 3D Printing pen, using which anyone who can “scribble, trace or wave a finger” in the air can create a piece of art within seconds.

The pen can also be used to draw on surface or paper or any medium which can support the piece of art. As the 3D pen draws, it emits molten plastic, which quickly solidifies, taking the form the structure you are drawing.

Its plain magic.

This innovation was listed on Kickstarter with an initial goal of $30,000. The idea clicked on, and more than 26000 contributors pooled in $2 million+ funds.

Check out their Video:

3) Smart Herbal Garden: Create Nature Using Technology

One of the most disastrous causalities of urban lifestyle is lack of greenery in homes. People are usually living in apartments and buildings, and experiencing nature becomes a tough job. Those who are intensely passionate about gardening and plants choose their terrace or balcony but again, its not easy. More often than not, plants die due lack of nutrition and care.

Click and Grow has come up with a unique tech-powered solution for such naturists: Smart Herbal Garden. With this device, all you need to do is plug the herb or plant to the wall, add water and switch on the device. Everything related to optimal growth of the plant such as sunlight, water, nutrients and fertilizers are taken care of by this device. Each of the unit comes with cartridges for basil, thyme and lemon balm, plus mini tomato and salad rocket as stretch goals.

In fact, even refill cartridges are available for chili pepper, mini tomato, peppermint, spinach, salad rocket and various kinds of lettuce; and they are working on strawberries as well.

The project was listed on Kickstarter and against their initial goal of $75,000, they have raised more than $600,000 helped by 10,000+ backers.

Check out their Video:

4) Wig Wag: Automate Your Surroundings Easily

Imagine instructing your fan to speed-up when humidity touches 80%; or asking your door to send you a notification every time someone comes to your home in your absence. What if you can write an instruction for your bulb so that it sends you a message every time it’s switched on after 11.00 PM?

With Wig Wag, everything is possible. It’s an automation system which uses sensors and some coding to build automated environment in your home or office. There are no complicated programming language, but simply “If <condition> Then <output>”instruction module.

It can be described as a true implementation of ‘Internet of Things’ .

Some of the possibilities with Wig Wag:

  • Turn on a fan when the humidity rises.
  • Get notified when kids are messing around with stuff they shouldn’t be.
  • Receive a “thirsty” tweet from your plant, or even better, turn on the water!
  • Log the date/time when people enter a room, send it to a spreadsheet in Dropbox.
  • Place a sensor on your porch, get a text when a package arrives.

The project was listed on Kickstarter, and against their initial goal of $50,000, it successfully raised $454,976 from 1694 backers.

Check out their video here.

Do share your list of stunning innovations which have brought in a paradigm shift in the way we use and experience this world, by commenting right here!

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  1. Ashley J. says

    Simply incredible innovations mentioned in this article. I just stumbled across it while looking for some food for my 9 month cat, and boy! what a treasure I found. The first one is so so so beneficial for all of us who work at night, and the last one is so so so cute! Thank you Mohul for sharing these, and I hope that you keep writing more. Have bookmarked the article and very soon I will take a printout. Why there is no option to take printout? Please add that.

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