#TechInnovation Eureka Forbes Brings Innovative Mobile Water Purification Solution At Rs. 595


Amidst all the shiny screens many of us forget that technology comprises more than laptops and mobiles. We are not at fault as well as that is where the fastest growth is usually happening. It however doesn’t mean that technology is not affecting us in other ways or other technological advancements are not useful or interesting.

In fact, Eureka Forbes is bringing something to the fore which should be taken with open hands by us. The company has launched mobile water purifier named Aquagaurd On The Go.

The product itself looks like a sipper and intends to function as one. What differentiates it is that it contains a miniature water purification technology. According to the company, the water purifier is powered by Space Nano Technology, which has over 100 crore optimally charged active sites that attract and can remove 99.9% of harmful bacteria and virus.

When water passes through the sipper the negatively charged pathogens and other impurities are trapped in these sites. This cleans the water well and makes it suitable for drinking according to the company. This is a result of seven years of research as per Marzin R Shroff, Eureka Forbes CEO – Direct Sales and Senior VP, Marketing.


Aquaguard-on-the-Go is perhaps the only water purifier in India which can enable affordability, adaptability and availability of safe drinking water for Indians. It is an important milestone in the history of brand Aquaguard which will take our market leadership in India to the next level.” He mentioned.

It would be available in retail outlets and department stores and will be available in four variants- black, pink, white and blue. The company hopes to target people on the move with this product, primarily travelers, school/college students and also, sports and fitness enthusiasts.

With a turnover of Rs. 1776 crore last year and presence in 450 cities and 35 countries and a user base of 15 million, the company must be quite hopeful of having a successful product in hand.

My take is that if the product can build up trust that it can provide ‘drinkable’ water, it will be a rage among upper middle and upper class.

Anyone traveling in trains knows how important clean water becomes during travels in India. While water is present abound, it would be a great relief knowing the water is clean for sure (as we ourselves have done so).

What is your opinion on this? Does the company have a successful product in hand?

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