5 Innovations Which Will Change Our Lives Within 5 Years


For the past 8 years, IBM has been predicting the innovations which can change our lives. Called the 5-In-5, this annual think-tank research is done by senior social scientists and technological crusaders inside IBM who can predict the innovations and advancements which can directly impact our lives.

IBM 5 in 5

For the year 2013, here are the 5 innovations as predicted by IBM:


Health Care: Immediate DNA Level Treatments

By the year 2030, global cancer rate is expected to jump to 75% as the population is aging and bad food habits and life styles dictating our lives. IBM predicts that within 5 years, cancer treatment can be brought down to the level of DNA, with treatments more personalized and accurate. Using Big data applications, doctors will be able to map out your DNA within minutes, providing you best possible treatment which can save lives.

Education: The Classroom Will Learn The Student

Current education system believes in one-size-fit-all concept: One course is designed for all the students, no matter that student has interest in those subjects or not. Within 5 years, with the help of cloud computing, classrooms will be able to understand the priorities and interests of the students, and accordingly plan out optimized course, which helps him to learn more. This will make education a smart learning process, rather than just cramming for marks and grades. Kudos for that!

Smarter Cities: Real Time Allocation of Resources and Pizza

More than half of world’s population currently resides in cities. Although cities are great and provide opportunities to anyone willing to work hard, the infrastructure and facilities provided by a city is often less than our expectations. IBM predicts that within 5 years, city planners would be able to use big data along with predictive analysis and real time information sharing to provide cutting edge urban facilities never seen or heard before. The video showcases several examples which will make our cities smarter and more efficient.

Retail: Local Stores Will Beat Online Stores

Last year, total online sales all over the world crossed $1 trillion mark, for the first time in history. Will local stores extinct one day? Not anymore, says IBM. Advanced technologies like Augmented Reality, Wearable Computing, Location Based services can help the local stores to understand their customers more deeply, and provide world class, personalized solutions which can make them their fans for ever. IBM predicts that within 5 years, local stores would be so much empowered with technology that they can beat the convenience and pricing of online stores!

Digital Security: Every One will be Protected

12.5 million Identity thefts occurred in US in the year 2012. IBM predicts that using smart Cloud based Analytics and Big Data, everyone can be protected from identity thefts and digital frauds. Right now, the security levels are achieved using passwords and scanners, but in next five years, security would be identifying “who we are” and accordingly serving us. The video demonstrates how digital security will evolve and make everyone of us more protected and more secured.

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