Curves Are In! CES 2014 Will Have Largest & Curviest Gadgets On Show


The battle of the consumer electronics giants has started, and what better platform than CES to demonstrate it? And the flavour for this year’s CES 2014 will be – Curves!

LG started it first. Via a press news release yesterday, LG announced that it will showcase world’s first 105-inch curved ultra HD TV during next year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Named as 105UB9, this would be LG’s first curved ultra high-definition TV with an aspect ratio of 21:8 and ‘astounding’ picture quality.

The picture screen has been cinematically proportioned 21:9 with ‘CinemaScope Screen’ which will make the experience of watching movies lot more enriching and entertaining as it will contain mind-blowing 11 million pixels (5160*2160). If measured diagonally, this 105-inch TV would be world’s largest curved ultra HD TV ever created.

Yong-kee Hwang, Senior Vice President and head of LG Display’s TV Business Unit said, “With a resolution of 11 million pixels, the 105-inch curved LCD panel is proof of our continued leadership in the next generation display market, offering exceptional world-class value to our customers.”

The world was still absorbing the dynamics of this announcement, when Samsung jumped into the arena, and announced it’s own contender to fight the claims of LG.

Few hours after this LG press release, Samsung posted a new blog where it announced that they will also unveil world’s first and largest curved ultra HD TV during CES 2014. The Samsung 105 inch curved ultra HD TV will be 105 inch wide and, “adopts a new proprietary picture quality algorithm that delivers optimized color and greater feeling of depth.”


Just like LG’s claim, this TV will have an aspect ratio of 21:9 and 11 million pixels (5160*2160) will make the screen go almost live. When viewed from side, Samsung’s 105 inch behemoth will provide almost two times vivid images and the ‘best possible TV viewing experience’ from any angle. The TV will rely on ‘Quadmatic Picture Engine’ technique, which will convert any and every content into HD, no matter from which source it is coming.

HS Kim, executive vice president of Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics said, “We are happy to unveil the 105-inch Curved UHD TV, the culmination of Samsung’s advancements, following the world’s first Curved UHD TV at IFA 2013,”

Unfortunately, neither of the companies exhibited any plans to launch these TVs commercially. Industry veterans are speculating the price of these ultra HD TVs around $20,000 or Rs 12,00,000.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is world’s most anticipated and biggest gadget event of the world. Every year, the who-is-who of electronics world gather under one umbrella and showcase their latest technologies and innovations.

This year, the event will happen between January 7th and January 10th at Las Vegas Convention Center. And going by the trend as of now, it seems that CES-2014 will already create quite a few ripples across the electronics world.

Some of the major highlights from CES-2013:

  • Sony had announced Xperia Z smart phones
  • Samsung had announced Galaxy S4 smart phones
  • Sony announces TRILUMINOS quantum dot display technology.
  • Panasonic announced Smart Viera HDTVs
  • Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 600 & 800 processors
  • RIM had announced Blackberry 10 smart phones
  • Intel had unveiled its Atom processors

It is interesting to note here, that last time Apple participated in CES was in 1992, when John Sculley, then CEO of Apple delivered a keynote speech. Since that time, Apple has ignored CES as Steve Jobs started his own event to showcase their products. For example, MacWorldExpo which demonstrated only Mac products and Apple only unveiling events which was spearheaded by Steve Jobs himself.

In the year 2012, Steve Jobs made a comeback at CES.

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