2 Major Technological Breakthroughs Demoed At CES 2014


The world’s most influential and biggest consumer electronics exhibition is currently underway at Las Vegas, USA. Some of the largest electronics companies from all over the world have come together to demonstrate innovations and technologies which will pave the way for the market next year.

We had earlier shared some of the innovations which would be unveiled, as speculated by tech geeks and veterans. Micromax surprised us by revealing their dual-OS supported tablet Canvas LapTab and it has certainly garnered attention from everyone.

Here are two major technological innovations showcased at CES 2014, which no one could predict before:

LiFi Smartphones

LiFi is a new technology which uses light energy to transmit data from source to another. In place of traditional radio waves which are used by most smart phones, LiFi is a wireless networking standard, which makes better use of LED lights to transmit data.

Lifi Technology

French technology company OledComm has unveiled a unique smartphone, which uses LiFi to transmit data. At the exhibition, they used light from a lamp to showcase broadband level data transfer! You can read more about it here.

Another company SunPartner Technologies showcased Wysips Connect, a smartphone sensor which uses light rays to both upload and download data from the smartphone.

Laser Light Concept Car

Audi unveiled world’s first laser light concept car: Sports Quattro LaserLight. Audi called it a “glimpse in the future” as it highlighted its features.

As per Audi spokesperson, “This car combines as powerful 110kW electric motor with a V8 engine. Together, they perform at 550kw equivalent to 700 horsepower. In one body, you have a muscle car and a very efficient plug-in hybrid.”

This car is made up of light weight materials like carbon fiber, and can travel upto 90 miles on one single gallon of gas! This car’s computer system is called zFAS and is powered by features such as pilot-driving mode, long- and mid-range radars, video cameras and a navigation system: stuff coming straight out of a James Bond movie!

Audi Laser Lights

But the most interesting feature of this car is its awesome headlights as they combine the flexibility of LED headlamps with bright laser light. As per Audi, these headlights are three times more efficient than LED bulbs and can easily stream light as far as five football stadiums away. This stunning headlight features can be seen live in Audi’s 2014 R18 e-tron Quattro LeMans race car, which would be introduced later this year.

How will these technologies shape the electronics and technology markets for 2014? Please share your views right here!

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