Amazon Brings ‘Subscribe & Save’ Service in India For Recurring Purchases


Amazon Subscribe Save Service

The most visited online marketplace in India, Amazon India, is not in a mood to relax and let the things flow. In a bid to gain more share of the untapped market in India, Amazon India has launched the ‘Subscribe and Save’ initiative in India.

The program is a very famous global program which aims to ease your regular purchases from Amazon by delivering regularly bought items from particular sellers every month for free. This means your groceries are automatically added to cart and shipped to you before you run out of them.

These items can range anywhere from daily consumable items like milk, milk products, pulses, vegetables, shampoos, soap and detergents, diapers etc. More than intuition it is a trend based mechanism that tracks your past purchases to predict your future requirements.

Talking about the program, Mr. Saurabh Srivastava, Head FMCG at Amazon India said, “We realize that buying monthly household items require a lot of time and effort; first in terms of remembering to buy and then actually going and making a purchase. With Subscribe and Save, our core promise is focused on taking away the hassle associated with remembering to buy regular household items.”

Details of ‘Subscribe and Save’

When you join the ‘Subscribe and Save’ program, you enroll yourself to a product that offers free monthly shipping of your regularly purchased items from Amazon India. You will not have to toil supermarkets or street-side markets to purchase some of the items you need every month.

The frequency can also be altered depending on the choice of product. It can range from 1 month to 6 months, in case you’re not using the item very frequently, something like a drain cleaner or a mop. Products can be delivered before the automated frequency as well in case the customer requests for it, however shipping charges will be applicable to such requests.

Benefits of the program

Your monthly subscription page will be accessible from day one of enrollment. You can alter the frequency of deliveries and quantity of items to be delivered. You may also remove products if you don’t need them anymore.

Customers can additionally save 10% on entire order through the subscription if they have three or more subscriptions scheduled for delivery to the same address on the same day. In case there are two deliveries scheduled to the same address on the same day, the customer can save upto 5% on the entire order.

An alert will be generated before the order is processed so that you can review it and make sure you’re not ordering more than what you require. You will be charged only when the order is processed and Cash on Delivery(CoD) is the only mode of payment available to users as of now.

But how much will the product cost me in case of regular discounts?

The cost of the product on that particular day will reflect in the invoice, which means it could be cheaper the previous day or cheaper on that particular day of delivery.

If you feel the price is not right and you can purchase the product from some other store, you can definitely cancel the order before it is processed. This way you don’t force yourself to order the product, nor does Amazon ship it without need.

This program is first of its kind in India from an online marketplace that holds over 35 Million products. It is absolutely beneficial for working people these days who do not want to put the extra time and effort to get regularly purchased items from the markets. Plus there are savings which will surely attract a lot of potential online buyers.

If you want to skip regular shopping excursions are want to enjoy the benefit on online shopping, enroll on the ‘Subscribe and Save’ program and let us know of your experiences!

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