YouTube Reduces Chances Of Mistaken Video Takedowns, Creates A Dedicated Team

YouTube Reduces Chances Of Mistaken Video Takedowns, Creates A Dedicated Team
YouTube listens to the content creators’ feedback. Creates a dedicated team.

You might have recently heard about YouTube taking down legitimate copyright videos with any reason. It has been happening for a while now and YouTube has also taken necessary steps to prevent mistaken takedowns. But that wasn’t enough.

Many creators have complained that YouTube, the world’s largest video site, has taken down their videos without any reason whatsoever. This caused an outcry among those who get a part of their income from YouTube.

Many have given a lot of feedback about this and finally the YouTube staff says that it is working on reducing the number of mistaken takedowns. This was revealed in a post on YouTube Help Forum created by Spencer, a personnel from YouTube’s policy team.

Spencer has openly accepted that there has been quite a few cases of mistaken video takedowns in the recent past, but there hasn’t been a significant change in the number of these cases so far.

“Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion about the enforcement of our policies, from video takedowns to channel demonetization. We want you to know that we monitor video takedowns very closely, and while we haven’t seen a big change in the overall rate of removals, it’s true that we do make mistakes. For this, we’re sorry and we strive to do better by you, our community,” said Spencer in the post.

YouTube Is Working On The Feedback

Spencer revealed that YouTube has recently launched appeals for videos rejected due to copyright violations. He further acknowledged that YouTube isn’t perfect, but they are learning from user feedback and making it better.

YouTube is already looking into the user feedback and checking if their policies need to be modified for the betterment of the YouTube community.

They’ve created a dedicated team for “minimizing mistakes” and for improving the quality of their actions. YouTube is also working on strengthening the communications between the video creators and the YouTube support, and will roll out something in the coming months.

YouTube understands how serious an issue it is when they demonetize a channel and hence will make improvements for increasing the transparency of such claims.

“And of course, as we work to implement these improvements as quickly as we can, we’ll continue to take your feedback seriously,” Spencer added.

YouTube knows how bad it would be for their reputation if they keep on pulling down legitimate videos and devoid creators of their revenue. This will make them switch to another rivalry platforms.

Forming a dedicated team for dealing with such issues seems like a good move for immediately dealing with video takedown issues while they tweak their algorithms. But only time will tell how effective this move would be.


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