#YoutubeDown Was Real – 14 Hilarious Tweets Which Made Fun Of Youtube Being Down

#YoutubeDown was trending since morning today, as Youtube faced some major outage.

#YoutubeDown is real
#YoutubeDown is real

Update: Youtube is now up and running, and the error page has gone, finally!

Here is a funny tweet on this as well:


The unexpected as happened this morning – Youtube, world’s biggest video platform is right now facing a technical issue, and the website and portal is not accessible.

This the message we received, when we tried to open the website.


Youtube’s official Twitter account has acknowledged this issue and has said that Youtube, Youtube TV and Youtube Music are currently down.

It has been almost an hour since this Tweet was posted:

As per some website specializing in outages, Youtube is experiencing Error 502, Bad Gateway.

Twitterati had a field day since last 60 minutes, as they made fun of Youtube, and its technical team for mishanding the issue.

An hour of the outage is anyways not too common!

Here are a few funny tweets, which will amuse you:

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