Google should partner with a telecom operator for Project Loon: Govt


Security was the highest priority for the Government of India when Google requested for Project Loon tests and expansion in India. The Government wanted some time to think about it, and honestly they couldn’t have come up with a better solution.

One on hand we’re talking about a path-breaking technology to provide internet to everyone in India through massive balloons in the air that will broadcast wireless internet. However, the same cannot be allowed if there are no security precautions taken before the balloons are launched. The balloons could also interfere with cellular networks, the Government fears.

As a intermediate solution, the Government of India has asked Google to join hands with an Indian telecom operator to start work on Project Loon.

A report by PTI said, “Google wants to test the Loon Project in expensive and scarce spectrum bands. It has been asked to partner with any telecom operator that can meet its requirement and then approach the government for testing Loon. This approach should resolve the spectrum band sought by Google as well as security, to some extent.”

More initiatives from Google

Google also approached the Government to replace the mobile towers with Project loon balloons, since essentially they will also serve the purpose of network transmission. 4G or LTE services can be easily transmitted for internet services, so it makes sense for the Government to consider this.

Google has requested the Government to operate its services under the expensive and efficient 700 Mhz or 800 Mhz bands as opposed to the usual 2500 Mhz band. The Government is hopeful that Google will partner with BSNL and conduct its tests in the spectrum owned by BSNL.

The 700 Mhz band has not yet been allocated to any telecom operator yet, and BSNL wants to buy a major share of this band to improve its network services. A partnership between BSNL’s 700 Mhz band service and Google’s Project Loon could really bring fortune to rural and secluded areas in India.

Project Loon clearance could take some time, but we’re confident that the Government will not shoo it away completely. What do you guys think about Project Loon? Give your views in the comments below.

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