Apple’s India Plan: Sell Used, Refurbished iPhones From China to Indians!


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Apple’s expansion plans in India involves selling used Chinese iPhones in India. They have requested the Indian Govt. to allow them to set up facility wherein they can import used Chinese iPhones, and refurbish them to sell locally.

As per reports emerging, this application has been submitted on December 7th, in which they requested the Govt: “Apple would like to seek the government’s approval to import and sell its certified pre-owned iPhones in India; manufacture and sell its certified pre-owned iPhones in India,”

It seems that high price barrier maintained by Apple is stopping Indians from embracing iPhones, and Apple wants to change that. In case they flood the market with low cost refurbished phones, then there exists a danger of diluting their brand value; but the increasing number of sales can satisfy them for time being.

But it seems that Government doesn’t want them to adapt such a market plan for India.

Will Government Allow Apple To Sell Refurbished iPhones?

As per the trends, it seems highly unlikely.

Last year, Apple had attempted a similar coup, when they requested Indian Govt. to allow them to import 1 lakh used iPhones and 2.5 lakh used iPads to sell in India.

But Environment Ministry’s Technical Review Committee (TRC) rejected their application on July 2nd, citing that such massive amount of used gadgets will add to India’s e-waste problem, and can be threatening for the environment. In fact, as per Hazardous Wastes Rules 2008, India only allows recycled imported electronic gadgets for individual users and not companies. And even after that, there is a requirement of consent from Ministry and licence from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade.

TRC had specifically said that such refurbished instruments have lower ‘functional life’, and becomes ‘obsolete quickly’, thereby intensifying the existing e-waste issues which we are facing.

However, they had allowed Apple to import those gadgets which have life of less than 3 years; and are expected to operate for atleast 5 more years.

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But Apple Is Adamant: Their Gadgets Are Safe

However, in their reply and subsequent re-application, Apple has insisted that their hardware quality is among the best, and their gadgets shall pose no problem for India’s environment.

They said in their application: “Indeed, the presence of low-end mobile phones constitutes a risk for the environment given their current levels of quality and durability. Apple designs durable products that last for many years. Designing durable mobile phones helps reduce electronic waste..”

Besides, Apple is arguing that by allowing their second hand phones from China, more and more feature phone users shall embrace smartphones, thereby helping India to increase penetration of Internet and Digital.

It would be really interesting to observe how Indian Govt. responds now; the problem of e-waste is indeed practical, but in case Apple assures that their gadgets are indeed safe, then there can be a major relaxation for them.

Do you think that brand ‘Apple’ will dilute if they sell low cost refurbished iPhones in India? Will you buy a used, refurbished iPhone if they are allowed to sell in India?

Do share your opinions by commenting right here!

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  2. Phani says

    Definitely i’ll not buy used iphone..Apple is good in marketing with substandard devices. They are interested only in Indian money and nothing else.

  3. INDIAN says

    Apple has become so cheap. They will refurbish and sell at higher rate.

  4. Siva says

    “used Chinese iPhones” gives wrong sense.

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