Ford Mustang, The Iconic Muscle Car Makes its Entry Into India!


Ford Mustang India

Muscle cars from the America do not need any introduction for automobile lovers, for this is the moment we all have been waiting for. There are only a handful of ‘handsome’ cars if I must say, which have not yet been launched in the country, which could be due to a lot of reasons. However, this did not stop Ford from unveiling its 435bhp beast in the country.

While India might not be the top destination for international brands to launch their high-end cars, they have taken notice of the fact that there is demand from the super-rich of the country.

Ford Motor India has announced the launch of its sports car like coupe, Ford Mustang, which is expected to go on sale in the second quarter of 2016. This is not the first time any automotive major has launched a coupe in the country, but there are really no competitors so far except Nissan 370Z, which did not show much strength volumes wise.

Ford Mustang has gone through multiple iterations globally, which started in 1962 with a two-seater coupe concept which evolved into a four-seater in 1963. The production version was launched in 1964, which made it really popular amongst the automobile fans and potential buyers. At the moment, the car is in its sixth generation, which means that things are getting pretty hot in the segment.

You might be wondering, why is Ford Motor finally thinking about India?

Well the answer lies in the fact that this is the first time in 50 years Ford Motor will be developing right-hand drive models for countries in Europe, and there is no better time to launch the same in India, as communicated by Nigel Harris, President and Managing Director at Ford Motor India.

Facts about Mustang coming to India

? Globally Mustang comes in two variants, a 2.3L EcoBoost Petrol Engine which churns 310hp and a 5.0L V8 engine that produces massive 435bhp. Fortunately or unfortunately, we’ll be getting the latter in the country. Shout out to all the V8 fans in India!

? It’s a two-door coupe with seats in the back, though slightly cramped but good enough for adults to sit and enjoy the beast. The design is of course full muscle everywhere, which masculine design lines and in your face headlamps

? Mustang will be a Completely Built-up Unit(CBU) for India, which means it will be imported directly from its factories in Michigan. This is unlike other car offerings from Ford, which will end up making the car costlier due to import duties and taxes

? It will come with a 6-speed automatic gearbox that manages 542nm of torque to the rear wheels only. Just to give you a perspective, the massive Toyota Fortuner manages nearly 360nm of torque for four wheels, which means nearly 90nm per wheel. The Mustang forces about 270nm on one wheel at the rear itself, which pushes the car super quick.

? Since the car is slightly low slung for Indian roads, there had to be extensive tests done to ensure the car faces no issues during waterlogging or over potholes and speed breakers.

Surprisingly Ford did not launch the cheaper, smaller EcoBoost variant of the model, like it did in China, for that should have been the entry strategy in a developing nation. Do not expect the model to be priced well because this will be directly imported from the US making it completely foreign made and assembled.

The India-bound Ford Mustang is to be showcased at the Auto Expo in February in the country and expected to be marketed at the event before the official launch in Q2 2015.

Are you excited about the launch? I definitely am. It will be a very different feeling watching this iconic Muscle car on Indian roads…

Any guesses on the pricing of this car?

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