Top 25 High Paying Skills That Can Get You A Job In India in 2016


High Paying Skills

Linkedin, world’s largest professional network, has come out with their annual ‘The 25 Skills That Can Get You Hired in 2016’ list in order to gauge the demand and supply ratio. This list has been created based on the hiring and recruitment activities witnessed on their platform last year; and based on their internal research pertaining to the jobs market.

The most desired skill this year would be Cloud and Distributed Computing skills, which has been ranked #1 in this list. Interestingly, last year this skill was not even in the top 25 list!

This means two things:

a) Cloud is making a massive comeback

b) Integration of Cloud with Digital would be the next big thing for the market.

Statistical and Data Mining skills, which is part of the Big Data niche is ranked #2; which was incidentally ranked #1 last year. Hence, this proves that Big Data is here to stay and will be in demand for the next few years to come.

At #3 this year is Marketing Campaign, followed closely by SEO/SEM Marketing at #4. Last year, Marketing Campaign skill was placed at #12 while Digital Marketing was ranked #16 and SEO/SEM was ranked #6. The elevation of both of these skills translate into one important factor: More and more businesses need digital marketing, and SEO isn’t dead yet. (related: Digital Marketing predictions for 2016)

Mobile development has been ranked #6, which has climbed 1 position compared to last year. Considering that Mobile is the new Digital, this is hardly surprising; we may witness it’s ranking even higher in the next 12 months.

Skills related to hardware and security such as Network Security and Information Security has dropped 3 positions while Storage Systems and Management has dropped 5 positions in the last year. Does it mean that businesses need less security now? No, this means that IT security aspect is now increasingly being automated, and only those security wizards are in demand which have the right skills. Job market is certainly tight in this sector.

Skills Which Lost Demand

Compared to last year, skills such as Middleware and Integration Software have gone down in demand, while skills such as Recruiting has disappeared from the list. In fact, Business Intelligence, a very crucial skill for large scale businesses has lost 12 spots compared to last year.

This speaks volume about our prophecy regarding automation and artificial intelligence: Jobs which were considered big deal in last few years are slowly but gradually getting out of fashion.

Some other skills which lost their flavours include:

Algorithm Design (lost 3 places); Pearl/Python/Ruby programming (lost 3 places); Mac, Linux, Unix System (lost 2 places); Economics (lost 6 spots)

Besides Recruiting, skills which have vanished from this year’s list include: SAP ERP, Integrated Circuit Design & Game Development.

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New Jobs Skills Which Are In Demand

Meanwhile, traditional jobs are making a massive comeback as skills such as Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Economics and Corporate Law are now included in the top 25 list.

Traditional IT jobs such as Database Management and Software, Software Modeling & Process Design, Software Testing have also made a grand comeback this year. This basically means that businesses are going back to the old school model in 2016.

You can find this year’s list here; and last year’s list here.

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