35,000+ Mumbai Kaali-Peeli Cabs Take On Uber/Ola With Their Own App Called 9211


Mumbai Kaali Peeli Taxi

With the onslaught of Internet and Digital India, traditional businesses have only two options: Either adapt or perish.

Adaption is certainly a good option, but a better way is to compete heads-on with those who are attempting to disrupt the existing market. And something similar has happened in Mumbai where 35,000+ strong community of traditional kaali-peeli taxis have decided to take cab aggregators such as Ola/Uber heads on with their own app.

Two biggest taxi unions in Mumbai have come together, and launched an app called 9211, which will offer instant cab service at Government approved rates. Just like Ola or Uber, this app will show the nearest cabs available from a customer, and enable them to book it right away.

Initially, only cash payment would be accepted, but soon an online payment mechanism would be integrated.

Prem Singh, leader, Mumbai Taxi Association said, “All kali-peeli drivers (totaling 35,000 in MMR) will be asked to enroll for the app, which ideally should be used by customers to book taxis across the city”, adding, “We will provide you service at the doorstep.”

Thinking Beyond Uber/Ola

Last year, Ola had attempted to integrate these traditional kaali-peeli taxis into their own network; and even launched cash payment mechanism (early on) to lure customers. Out of 35,000 kaali-peelis, only 2500 odd decided to get included into Ola.

But unrest was clearly visible among these traditional taxi owners, as they felt that business is slipping away from them. They even attempted to strike and oppose Uber/Ola in Mumbai, and demanded a ban on them (just like traditional brick and mortar shops are demanding ban on ecommerce).

But as we had said earlier, asking for ban is not the right solution to fight a new, improved opponent.

Taxi Unions came together, and decided that the only way to fight billion dollar startups is to adapt and fight them in their own territory.

A L Quadros who heads one of the biggest Mumbai Taximen’s Union said, “To keep pace with the competition from private cab aggregators, we decided to have a mobile app of our own.”

This app will offer taxi rides as per Government approved rates (Rs 22 for first 1.5 kms); will have safety features for women such as SOS button and GPS tracking and all movements would be monitored via centralized control room.

Drivers’ background and police records would be thoroughly checked as well.

Compared to 14,000 cabs available at Uber/Ola in Mumbai, there are 35,000 kaali-peeli taxis in Mumbai. It would be really interesting to observe how the market responds now.

Will you opt for an official kaali-peeli taxi in Mumbai or go with Ola/Uber? Do share your comments right here!

Image Souce: Flickr

  1. Rishi says

    Rickshaws? Any dates on when the app will release? Can’t really find any 9211 app on GooglePlay in Mumbai

  2. Uber-fan says

    These are 35000-odd drivers who gave a shit about passengers for years, and still give a shit even in the face of the Uber threat.
    Uber brought in an unbelievable concept for the poor sod that is the Mumbai consumer – absolutely no refusing the consumer’s destination.
    It will be poetic justice if the kaali-peeli drivers start toeing the line. But i highly doubt they will. They are a class apart.

  3. ganesh kasinathan says

    kalli peeli – make it easy to use and price the same as uber/ola – you can be a success too! Best of luck!

  4. Jaspreet Singh says

    What the Kali-peeli guys need to realize is that it’s not the APP that will cut it for them but their attitude…. I am from Delhi and here’s my experience… I was in Bombay on 24th Dec to attend a wedding, staying at a hotel near Sahar Airport. Needed a taxi to go to Andheri East to attend one of the functions of the wedding that same evening… Found these Kali-peeli, 5 of them, right outside the hotel gate and upon inquiring was asked for Rs. 400.. Off course I have google maps and I knew I was less than 2 km from my destination… These guys refused to go by meter, all of them, and I refusing to be fleeced… So I go back to the hotel, order Uber and car was there in 4 minutes and bill was Rs. 91… And I continued using Uber or Ola for next 5 days, 5 to 6 times every day… Worked perfectly and in much better proper AC cars and proper billing every single time… The Kaali-Peeli guys have to understand that it’s not the App but their attitude and integrity that needs to adapt…

    1. AaRKay says

      I second your opinion. There is an integrity issue amongst kalipili and autowalas. They always think aboit their own convenience and not customers convinience and comfort.

    2. mayank says

      I totally agree. Either they will ask like double the amount. Or they will say that route is under construction so you also need to pay return price, or they will rudely deny. My mom is arthritic, so she needs taxi even if its like a km,but these idiots always deny. I guess its for best that we have uber/ola in market, because these taxi/ auto people really need a lesson.

  5. Mridul says

    Please add more info about the App….

  6. Asad Sharif says

    Doesn’t matter. These kaali peeli cab drivers will remain greedy throughout their life and wont understand a customers need in case of urgency. They deserve to lose their customers to Ola and Uber. They deserve to remain poor because of their attitude.

  7. Cyrus says

    First of all they neglected us by rejecting our journey. Literally every taxi fellow whom we stopped were denying us to take us anywhere. Obviously they were kicking their own stomach without realising the ill effect of the same. Now they are repenting and they should in much larger way. Imagine of being denying and saying no to those needed people who were literally begging and being mercy of those rickshaw and cabs. These people will not suceed in their the way OLA or UBER did because 1. some people feel that the Black Yellow cabs dont have polished drivers, 2. Thier car conditions are as bad as they themselves, 3. The car doesnt run on A/C, 4. The tariff is higher on them then on ola/uber for some users.

  8. Ajay Sati says

    Kaali-peeli drivers also need to improve their attitude. Will use if Ola Uber not available. Are KP airconditioned.

  9. S Datta says

    Naw do gyarah? ?

  10. Ozer says

    What’s the rate after 1.5 km?

  11. Rohan says

    Jo sasta aur reliable hai to jarur

  12. SD says

    and why would someone pay Rs 17 per Km for a non AC taxi (in most cases 30+ year old car) against a Rs 13 per km AC car thats in far better condition?

  13. Ajay Bidyarthy says

    Brilliant Move 9211 guys!
    Well said: Either adapt or perish

  14. Chintak says

    App lauched? if yes link pls

    1. Malay Kothari says

      App launching this month end bro. You’ll find it on google play. And probably also read in news too.

  15. Ankur M says

    Primary Issue No 1 Cleanliness Ola and Uber are far beyond comparison to the traditional Kaali Peeli Cabs so we opt for Ola or Uber.

    The same rate or lesser we have a new car with an AC facility in Ola or Uber…

    So I feel Kaali Peeli will always be a second option when it comes to Ola, Uber or TabCab or Meru.

    So whether you launch a App or anything so long as you folks don’t get your basics right for the larger section of people who use cabs Kaali Peeli will always be the last option…

  16. Hiral Shah says

    This is really good step taken by kaali peeli taxis. With this app the problem of denial will come down and more importantly i’ll get the taxi at my door steps. It’s too early to say anything, but if things go this way, i would prefer kaali peeli taxi over OLA or Uber mainly due to charges.
    As a woman, security features are most important for me. It looks really good on paper, hope they come up with equal good implementation too.

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